I’m an avid reader and a complete bookaholic. My name is Caryl and I’m a retired nurse. I review the books I read and flit about between genre. I also post all reviews on Amazon US & UK Goodreads and NetGalley if the book is from there. I’m a supporter of Indie authors, so a fair few reviews will be for Indie books I’ve enjoyed – although I didn’t realise some of them were Indie authors at first, the writing is so good. I read a mix of Indie and published more established authors. I’m fairly new to book blogging and really only started doing it because books are a passion to put it mildly🙂 I’m learning how to ‘book blog’as I go along!
I only review books that I like, so most of my reviews will be 4* or 5*.

I never accept payment for a review. I’m totally independent, just do my own thing and like to keep it simple. Always happy to have ARC copies of books to read and review.

I have a Twitter account @MrsBloggsReader where I talk mainly about books (amongst other things) and post reviews.
I’m passionate about family, wildlife, bees, the environment, the NHS and a lot of other subjects.

Favourite genres: Crime Fiction, Memoirs, History, Wildlife, Military History, Classic novels, any well written contemporary novel – I read a lot of crime fiction – it’s fair to say that I’m a crime fiction fanatic.

This WordPress blog was formerly on Blogger so it’s moved. I appreciate any help, advice or constructive criticism (I think!)