January 3, 2021

How To Write The ‘Shuggie Bain’ by Douglas Stuart 2020 #Review #mrsbloggsbooks

By The Average Reader

Writing a fiction book review is one of the most popular tasks that secondary and high school students get nowadays. Yet only a few students know how to do it properly and get high grades for this kind of assignment. That is the reason why I decided to give you some effective tips I use when I write reviews on the example of an exceptional book ‘Shuggie Bain’. This touching story of a middle-class family was published in 2020, and now is longlisted for the Booker Prize. Let’s get started and find out how to write a stellar book review fast.

Start with an attention-grabber

To make your audience interested in your review, consider starting it with a hook. This is a phrase or sentence that makes the reader intrigued about the rest of the text. To grab attention successfully, quote a novel in an essay opening lines, mention a fact about the book’s popularity, tell a joke that has something to do with a novel plot, etc. You can even ask a certain question and offer the answer to it throughout your writing. 

The only thing you should not do here is expressing your thoughts on how brilliant writer is if you have no facts and figures to support it. Leave all your opinions and critique to the next review sections. 

Next, you need to add general information about a novel: the year it was written, a few facts about the author, genre, peculiarities of style, etc. Do not mention many facts that can be found elsewhere online or offline. Your task is to write a coherent review instead of just retelling what is already known about the book.

Lay out the book plot

After finishing the introduction, go on to telling a few sentences about the book plot. There are a lot of twists in the novel writing so make sure that you do not spoil the most impressive ones with your review. In this section, you have to tell about the beginning of the story and briefly mention a few more details revealing the plot. As we talk about ‘Shuggie Bain’ by Douglas Stuart, you can start recalling the plot by describing features of the main characters and how their story started. 

Finally, remember about the goal of your review: is it for other people to read and buy a book, or to demonstrate to your professor that you comprehended a mandatory book for home reading? In the first situation, check whether the website you are going to post your review on does not have a short plot section. If it does, remove the plot part from your review. If it is an assignment for an English literature class, feel free to add the plot description as well. 

Describe what you liked about the story 

Now, it is time to provide your reasoning and assessment of the book. It is the most important part of your review since it helps your readers understand whether the novel is worth their time. Therefore, you cannot just state that a certain book is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘interesting’ or ‘boring’, you need to provide your explanation on why you think it is brilliant or poor. Be sure to add arguments to support your position regarding the book quality. 

Thus, if you state that you like the author’s writing style, add a few quotes from the book. If you mention its great dialogues, you may also add a quote. Feel free to express your feelings about the novel plot, e.g. ‘The plot twists transferred me to the Irish middle-class reality and I felt all the troubles Shuggie Bain was going through’.

Mention the weak parts (if you find any)

At the same time, if you find any aspects of the book you do not like (some characters’ depiction, the plot dynamics, etc.), do not hesitate to list them as well. Lay them out one-by-one so that your readers could skim through them easily.

Keep in mind that your positive and negative comments should be presented consistently, one paragraph per one main thought. Do not try to fit all your thoughts into one paragraph to not mislead your audience on your point of view. If you have no idea about organizing your thoughts on the screen, consider getting an essay writing service

Give any recommendation on reading a book

After the presentation of your critique of the book, provide your suggestion on reading it. In your point of view, who will love this story? And, on the contrary, who will consider it boring and uninteresting? To get an idea of how to present your recommendations, look through other MrsBloggsBooks reviews on this website. 

Rate the story

If you are writing a review for a certain website, remember about giving a rating to the book based on all your previous comments according to the website’s rating scale. If you are going to post a review on your blog where you have your own rating criteria, use them, and explain them to your followers. Finally, if it is a college essay for a certain class, you may leave out this section. 

A few more things to remember

Be clear and concise

Reviews’ websites often have a strict word count for customer reviews, that is why you have to keep track of the number of words written. Glimpse from time to time at the word count on your screen to avoid breaking off your thought in the middle of the sentence. 

Do not make humiliating comments

Even if you did not like the book you want to write about, do not make disgusting comments on its plot or the author’s personality. Anyway, the writer had worked a lot on it, so be respectful when expressing your opinion. Also, your audience will hardly like hateful comments and mark your review as unhelpful. 

Always proofread your writing

Last but not least important is to check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation before submitting your piece to your professor or online book review website. If you have no time to do it on your own, you can turn to the essay help services to do that for you. Proofreading and editing services are provided at low prices and do not take a lot of time to be completed.