Afternoon Tea with Mrs Bloggs and Caragh Bell @BellCaragh @PoolBegBooks #Gabriella #CaraghBell #mrsbloggsbooks

Really pleased to welcome Irish author Caragh Bell to have tea with Mrs Bloggs in her virtual tearoom.

Caragh’s latest book is Gabriella which sounds fantastic. Love the cover, it’s very stylish.

About The Book

Gabriella Alvarez dreams of being the next Coco Chanel. Born in the Bronx of Puerto Rican descent, she lives with her mother and beloved grandmother, Lita, who recognises the young girl’s talent and teaches her to sew.

When Gabriella gains a coveted scholarship to the famous Parson’s School of Design on Fifth Avenue, she is thrilled. There she meets the beautiful, aspiring model Isabelle Flynn and together they vow to make it to the top.

Then superstar fashion designer Oberon crosses her path and she sees her chance. If only he’d notice her. If only he wasn’t so out of reach …

This is a story of a young girl’s determination to achieve the American Dream. Life throws obstacles in her way, but she never gives up, intent on achieving her heart’s desire.

This is Caragh Bell’s fifth novel, following on from the bestselling Echoes of Grace.

Hello Caragh welcome to my Afternoon Tea room

Tea or coffee?

Coffee. It is crucial to writing. When I have a cup in the morning I get inspired. I drink Ethiopia capsules from Nespresso and I’m obsessed.  


Yes! I love baking. My favourites would have to be coffee cake, carrot cake and chocolate flourless cake. Yum. 

Have any events planned for the promotion of your book been cancelled?

Unfortunately, yes. Gabriella was released on the 5th March. I had a launch on the 6th in Skibbereen (my hometown) but to be honest, numbers were down due to the COVID-19 fears. Then I had signings scheduled for Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Bandon and Bantry. I also have a signing in London in April which will probably be cancelled too. An author gets about 6 weeks to promote their book and I feel like I’m going to miss the boat. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. In the grand scheme of things it’s not important. Health is so much more! However, I’m disappointed and a bit sad too. 

What are your favourite books?

I love ‘The English Patient’ by Michael Ondaatje. 

Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen (I want my own Mr Darcy).

I adore ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. How flawed the characters are.


Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Brontë.

Anything by Jilly Cooper as she’s so witty. 

Great book choices!

Favourite Netflix series? Or movie?

I love Line of Duty and Downton Abbey. I also love Nordic Noir – The Killing (Forbrydelsen) and The Bridge. 

Favourites of ours too

My favourite movies? 

The English Patient (I’m a mega fan) 

Billy Elliot 

Les Choristes 

Dirty Dancing 

Five things about yourself and one could be a fact previously unknown to your friends.

I can cartwheel (I was a cheerleader in school).

I love karaoke (Britney Spears and Madonna tracks).

I used to make wedding cakes for people. 

I speak French fluently.

I’m really superstitious (waving at magpies – the whole shebang). 


Your favourite place

In my children’s arms. I close my eyes, inhale them and everything is better. 

About Caragh Bell


Caragh Bell is an Irish author from West Cork who has published five books with Poolbeg Press. She enjoys writing popular, romantic fiction as it offers escapism in a world saturated with bad news – her books are light, funny and addictive. Her trilogy – INDECISION, REGRETS and PROMISES – is set in Ireland; ECHOES OF GRACE is set in the wilds of Cornwall and her new book GABRIELLA is based in New York. Caragh has a French and English degree from University College Cork and also a Masters in Education. She has also published academic research on language teaching and social media. Key quote from the author herself:

‘When I go on holiday, I love reading romantic fiction. Very few read James Joyce by the pool!’

Caragh’s books are available online and in good bookshops.

Facebook: Caragh Bell-Writer


Instagram: @caraghbellwriter

LinkedIn: Caragh Bell

To Purchase or read Gabriella on Amazon

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