The Emerald Affair by Janet Macloud Trotter @MacleodTrotter #mrsbloggsbooks

I’m a real fan of Janet Macloud Trotter.

The books are so rich in atmospheric detail they’re all awe inspiring reads. I don’t think that any other author can write with such clarity of detail about events in the Far East during an earlier historic time frame. They’re all fascinating reads and I really found this one impossible to put down. I knew it would be a blockbuster and one I wouldn’t be able to put down, so cleared a space in my busy diary and read it non stop.

This book is the first one in the Raj Hotel series. The book starts as two nurses, both from different backgrounds, return from service during the First World War after working in Salonica as part of The Scottish Women’s Hospital.

Four characters Esmie, Lydia, Tom and Harold.

All are essential characters within the book. All are trying to escape from the rigours and bad memories of war. The dynamics between all four and the relationships between them are at times sorely tested. The background of life in India during this historic time in the events of that country are excellently described.

This author researches the background and history of each of the books she writes and I found this one a stunning read. I was sorry to put it down and can’t wait to read this continuing saga to continue.

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