The Temple House Vanishing by Rachel Donahue @ThePigeonholeHQ @CorvusBooks #TheTempleHouseVanishing


I read this book stave after stave via Pigeonhole.

I was educated at a Convent Girl’s school on Merseyside so this appealed to me right from the off. Not that I wanted to revisit that part of my youth because I didn’t but it was a world that I was familiar with and a sinister backdrop to the whole scenario of the book setting. I was terrified of our nuns and that feeling has never left me

Utterly gripping right from the beginning this book drew me right in and right back to that cloistered world

I remember the stultifying atmosphere of an all girls school. The indoor and outdoor shoes and above all the feeling of being a ‘scholarship girl’ as opposed to the other girls who were fee paying pupils from the homes of the privileged. The nuns treated the scholarship girls as necessary evils thrust upon them by the powers that be.

Fortunately, unlike Louisa the protagonist in this book I was one of many and great things weren’t expected of me.

Louisa, an exceptionally bright and intelligent pupil, the enigmatic Victoria and the art teacher Mr Lavelle formed a friendship of three. They met up in the art teacher’s summerhouse and went for long languid picnics in the summer. Their friendship was a meeting of minds or so they believed. Their wit ironic and they found the friendship evocative and daring. They thought it was exclusive until they discovered that the snootily disdainful Helen, the head girl, also had designs on a friendship with the teacher.

All comes to a head in this tense, atmospheric mystery when Louisa and the teacher go missing from the school which leads to years of speculation as to what exactly happened to the missing pair.

Years later, a journalist looks into the case and attempts to uncover the truth.

Atmospheric. Tense, creepy and full of adolescent angst.

Thanks to Pigeonhole for my and for the chance to read the book

About the author

Rachel Donohue is a UCD graduate in Philosophy and Politics and has a highly successful career in communications and media relations. She lives in Dublin.

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