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Delighted to be given a chance to have a listen to the first part of a Superpolyglotbros Beginners course in Spanish.

I learnt French and Spanish at the same time in school eons ago. Consequently I mixed up the two for a while. This was a chance to relearn Spanish properly.

I’m also planning to brush up my French with the French course offered by these two. I found this method relaxing and easier to learn than other audible methods I’ve tried in the past.

The only problem is that audiobooks tend to send me off to sleep and I did start to drift off but if I could listen while I’m a passenger in a car or during a busy time, it should work well.


Learning a language doesn’t have to be difficult – sitting through hours of classes, reading boring lists of vocabulary or listening to someone trying to explain all that grammar. Let the Superpolyglotbrostake you with them on a journey through the basics of Spanish. Full of personality and humour, this is a conversational guide to help you build the phrases and exchanges you actually need. With this original audiobook, you’ll be entertained as you learn, building up all the skills you need to get by and much more in just under 10 hours of listening.

 Based on 30 real-life scenarios packed with essential everyday vocabulary, listeners will be taken on an audio immersive trip of a typical Spanish-speaking place complete with a host of real-world scenarios to help them learn language in context – whether it be meeting new people, exploring a new city or ordering in a restaurant with their new amigos. Perfectly tailored for audio, and thanks to the brothers’innovative method of gradual immersion, spaced repetition and complete guidance throughout the course, students will be forming their own sentences and making the language their own in ways they never thought they could.



About the Superpolyglotbros

With over ten years of professional experience in the language industry, from translation and interpreting to second language instruction and acquisition, from accent coaching to subtitling films, from bilingual education for pre-schoolers to linguistics seminars; if there’s something to do with ‘languages’, it’s safe to say they’ve done it.


Their linguistic abilities feature extensively in international media, with the twins making regular appearances on TV, radio and social media

Michael commented – Beginners Spanish gets learners immediately involved with the language in an easy and unique way so that they then have the confidence to speak it themselves. Language learning is so much more than just learning vocabulary and rules. Everyone is able to learn another language, if not several, and we want to show people that they can pick up Spanish a lot quicker than they think or are lead to believe.”


Matthew added We personally love audiobooks because they’re also really handy for language learning; they allow you to not only practise your aural skills but can also be used “on the go”, allowing you to learn wherever and however you like! From a language series to a mystery thriller in the language you’re learning, there’s an audiobook for everyone!”


Harriet Poland, Commissioning Editor at Audible UK said: “As someone who’s struggled to learn Spanish since school, I thought it might be impossible, but Michael and Matthew have created something that’s crystal clear, engaging and totally unique. This is a completely new way to learn languages, immersing listeners in real world situations and building up a conversation portfolio that actually sticks. Beginner’s Spanish demonstrates what’s possible when you create something with only listeners in mind, and we’re hugely excited about continuing the series.”


Beginners Spanish

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