New additional Twitter account. The Diary Of A Book Stalker #mrsbloggsbooks

Have set up an additional Twitter account @BookDiarist for the other things I enjoy or am interested in. It’s called The Diary Of A Book Stalker. I’m obsessed with vintage items, styles, books (oh yes BOOKS) ephemera, odd history, historical fiction and non-fiction, odd facts, quirky eccentric items like myself. Wildlife, photography, art and also the environment, wildlife, nature. It was always my intention to have a vintage styled book blog. WordPress is a little limiting in that way because most of the WordPress themes are all ultra modern for ultra modern people of course and there isn’t a theme that I can find that would fit a vintage theme. The current gallery theme used here is one I like the look of because the font suits a vintage theme. The images of the books are displayed and visible on one page. It has a search engine to bring up older posts and in a word – ideal. Unfortunately it’s now a ‘retired’ theme. So is limited.

I used to have websites and know the basics of HTML until everything changed to CSS. Great. That’s beyond my pea brain so will leave that one alone. I love WordPress and the ability to just start a webpage so freely. It nearly made my hair greyer when first using it and don’t really fancy starting again, also arranging categories nearly drove me insane, so have left them as they are; even though I spelt ‘miscellany’ wrong and can’t seem to change it! Also forget to use tags. Apart from that great.

For historical reference and research purposes of course image sources posted by me to the new Twitter account will be revealed. Ask me privately for the source and will freely give it.

Haven’t invited, or followed all existing followers on Mrs Bloggs’ Books Twitter because (a) not everyone is interested in the same subjects. They may feel obliged to follow me. I’m more of a follower on this account anyway until it evolves naturally. With a second account it’s easier to see posts about whatever you’re interested in. See you on new account, or not. Whatever! I’m liable to forget which Twitter account I’m currently on so…

Ad below is from the swinging 1920’s

5 thoughts on “New additional Twitter account. The Diary Of A Book Stalker #mrsbloggsbooks

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  1. I’ll follow you too. I like vintage stuff! Good idea!

    I wish, I wish I could get to grips with Word Press, though, so I admire you for using it so well and successfully. I think your pea brain must be the size of a broad bean compared with mine…I am useless. I only use WP for comments and my memoir review blog. I can’t figure anything else of it out and regularly get lost in my ‘site’. No clue!

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