The Rip by Mark Brandt @Legend_Press #LegendPress #NetGalley #Homeless #Indie #mrsbloggsbooks

Description via NetGalley

Praise for Mark Brandi:

Winner of the CWA Debut Dagger

Winner of the 2018 Indie Debut Fiction Award

‘A bold new voice in fiction’ Louise Jensen

‘Devastating, breathtaking, and effortless’ Sarah Schmidt



I downloaded this book from NetGalley and read it in a day. I had no expectations of it but it drew me in and kept me there.

I totally agree with the praise for it in the description above

It’s a breathtaking read. I haven’t heard of the author before.

Absolutely gobsmacking read and will be one of my favourites for this year.

Basically, it’s about a couple who have chosen to live a homeless life. Theirs is not a life to aspire to but it’s their own choice. They’re not partners in any respect but they choose to live their lives together on the streets of Melbourne. Their ‘home’ is actually in a park where they both feel a certain amount of safety in familiarity and have friends around them. Both are drug users. One a heroin addict. One is addicted to other types of addictive medication. Both have difficult pasts. They get on really well and have adopted a dog inherited from a previous, now deceased, park resident. They both rely on each other and co-exist in their own way

They survive how they can, helped along by The Salvation Army and other homeless support groups and a friendly police officer.

It all changes one day when they encounter a character from Anton’s past

No more spoilers.

Well worth a read. This author deserves more recognition – if he wants it that is.

I can see this being a film, TV series and bestseller.

One day…maybe


In the meantime, hopefully there will be buying links added when the book is published and I’ll update this post

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