#Bookreview Twelve Strange Days Of Christmas by Syd Moore @SydMoore1


Stop Press: ‘Death Becomes Her’ was shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association Short Story Daggers.

Nothing says Christmas more than a good old fashioned ghost story on a dark winter’s night, so sit back and enjoy a little pinch of Yuletide mayhem.

These extraordinary tales, one for each day of Christmas, explore the odd, the peculiar and the downright chilling, from a Strange encounter with an Icelandic Shaman, to a psychic policewoman, lively winged beasts and warnings from the recently departed.

Some of these stories appeared in the ebook The Strange Casebook, 2018.


I was very kindly gifted a physical copy of this book to read but also bought a kindle copy to read while out and about.

As it turned out, I sat down to read this book on a dreary day in December where the mist was rolling in off the sea, combined with the mist that rolls down from Exmoor. It’s a compelling mix of the peculiar, the creepy, the downright scary and thank God I read it in the daytime or may not have slept!

Ideal for anyone who likes a good scare and a mix of faery, fairy, gothic and witchy stories.

The hairs stood up on the back of my neck a few times reading this one and I see that Death Becomes Her has been shortlisted for the Crime Writer’s association short story daggers. That one was one of my favourites and read it twice to absorb the full meaning.

A good addition to the shelf for anyone who is partial to this sort of literary goings on and things that go bump in the night.

The story of the wreckers in Cornwall She Saw Three Ships I could visualise in my head distinctly since I live in the West Country coastal area.

A cracking good read.

About the Author

Syd Moore lives in Essex where the Rosie Strange novels are set. Prior to writing, she was a lecturer and a presenter on Pulp, the Channel 4 books programme. She is the author of the mystery novels The Drowning Pool, Witch Hunt and the Essex Witch Museum Mysteries, Strange Magic, Strange Sight and Strange Fascination.

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