• Publication date: 12 Jan 2017
  • Publisher: Raven Books
  • Language: English


OMG! This is one of the most thrilling, exciting book I’ve ever read. Substitute the word ‘exciting’ for utterly terrifying and that might just come close. Add chilling, thrilling and riveting and you’re half way there!

Scared the absolute wits out of me!

Four women friends, all approaching their 40’s are persuaded to embark on an extremely risky adventure by one of them – the one with the bucket list for adventure Pia. Pia, the fittest, Amazonian, athlete of the group. The rest of them, amongst them a cancer survivor, a qualified nurse and a few mothers are Sandra, Win and Rachel who are persuaded against their better judgement to come along white water rafting in a remote part of Maine with a company none of them have ever heard of before and the tour guide coming with them is Rory, a risk taker with a criminal record of petty theft. What could possibly go wrong?

After an accident part way along their journey into the wilderness, one of them has an accident and is left behind. The rest of them have to carry on to survive.

Along the way they encounter a terrifying feral unit of mother and son hiding from civilisation and living in the woods. Think Deliverance with bells on.

Can the remaining party survive and eventually find their way out from the watery hell they’re in to return to civilisation and their former lives?

An outstanding read.

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About the Author

Erica Ferencik is a Massachusetts-based novelist and screenwriter. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing from Boston University and has taught writing for years. Her essays have been featured in Salon, the Boston Globe and on National Public Radio.