Denzil Meyrick does it again! Loved, loved loved this book!

I binge read my way through the whole series until I arrived at this latest book, so savoured it until the very end. Another cracker featuring the indomitable DS Brian Scott and DCI Jim Daley, the pair of Police Scotland detectives from Kinloch.

In this book A Breath On Dying Embers, Daley is present throughout the book but temporarily out of active service during most of the inquiry into the murder of a local ornithologist and the subsequent events. The murder was apparently connected to the mysterious goings on around the luxury cruiser SS Great Britain, a ship full of wealthy, well connected business people plus a Royal and was beleaguered with problems and security issues and temporarily berthed in Kinloch harbour until the problems are dealt with. This time Brian Scott has another side kick in the form of his wife Ella who accompanies him on board the boat when he’s unwillingly tasked with an undercover assignment on board the ship or the ‘boat’ as he refers to it. The banter between Brian Scott and his wife is at times hilarious and brings the humour into a serious story that is one of the trademarks of this author. Add Hamish, the fisherman with his second sight and foreboding feelings of doom into the mix on board the ship for an entertainment of locals night plus Annie the landlady of the County hotel and the tension increases but there are laugh out loud moments in the middle of the tense action that helps the reader to draw breath if their hearts haven’t stopped beating!

With interesting sub plots featuring Liz Daley, Brian Daley’s estranged wife and their son James, plus learning much more about Chief Superintendent Carrie Symonds the book was an interesting read and I feel one of the best in the series. Once more we are treated to descriptions of the beautiful, scenic area around Campbeltown in Argyll, which is the real setting of this series of books.

No spoilers but the book finished on a worrisome, intriguing ending.

Meyrick has that expert knack of leaving the readers on tenterhooks wanting more but now having to wait! This writer always leaves the readers wanting more….

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Denzil Meyrick was born in Glasgow and brought up in Campbeltown. After studying politics, he pursued a varied career including time spent as a police officer, freelance journalist, and director of several companies. 
Beginning with Whisky from Small Glasses, then The Last Witness, Dark Suits and Sad Songs, The Rat Stone Serenade, and Well of the Winds, the DCI Daley series have all become Scottish Crime bestsellers. Whisky from Small Glasses reached #2 in the UK Kindle store in 2016.
An anthology of short stories, One Last Dram was published in late 2017.
The Daley series to date have all been number one bestselling UK audiobooks on Audible. DCI Daley #6 The Relentless Tide was one of the Scotsman newspaper’s books of 2018.
Number seven in the DCI Daley series, A Breath on Dying Embers, is available to pre-order on Kindle and in print on Amazon now!!