Every Game You Play: L M Krier (Ted Darling Book 11)


Two missing women. One will die.

The pressure’s on for Ted Darling and his team. There’s an inquiry into their last case, still unsolved. 

Then a woman disappears. The clock’s ticking to find where she is and what’s happened to her.

A second missing person. A body. But whose?

And why is Ted seeing similarities between the previous crime scene and the one from the last case?

Grab your copy NOW for the gripping latest installment in the Ted Darling crime series.

Note: Every Game You Play continues investigations begun in Preacher Man and Cry for the Bad Man, so is best read after those two.


Have followed this author, right from the very first book in the addictive Ted Darling series. The fact that every police procedure and detail is thoroughly researched and fact checked before publication makes the books even more appealing.

This case that primarily starts with the disappearance of two local woman and also follows on from a previous case in Cry For The Bad Man (Book 10) with a few other loose ties neatly rounded up from an ongoing enquiry. (No spoilers) Can be read as a stand alone but would advise reading the whole series.

L M Krier has an uncanny knack of awareness of current social issues that affect the characters within the books.

Ted Darling and his partner Trev are as always an interesting pair of characters and their relationship together forms the backbone of each book. They’re not perfect and aren’t portrayed as such. I’m catching up with the series now and apart from The First Time Ever that I’m planning to listen to on audible I’m up to book 12 now now. Warning: Very addictive!


Retired journalist, freelance copywriter and copy editor Lesley Tither writes crime fiction under the name L. M. Krier and travel memoirs as Tottie Limejuice. Lesley’s first crime thriller ‘Baby’s Got Blue Eyes’, was published in February 2015, followed by ‘Two Little Boys’ and When I’m Old and Grey’. Book IV in the DI Ted Darling series is scheduled for release early in 2016.

Lesley is a former journalist, working as both a criminal court and coroner’s court reporter. She also worked as a case tracker for the Crown Prosecution Service, and for a firm investigating irregularities in offshore finance. Her other jobs have included owning and running a holiday riding centre and acting as a ‘charity mugger’, lying in wait to sign up shoppers for a wildlife charity.

Lesley’s interests centre around nature and wildlife and encompass dogs, wild camping and organic gardening. She lives in the Auvergne region of Central France and holds dual French/British nationality. Her current dogs are two rescued border collies.

Even when writing, Lesley spends a lot of time of social media – Facebook and Twitter – and loves to connect with readers and would-be readers of her books.

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