Finally deleted my blog Twitter account.

Have been hanging onto it for some reason, reluctant to lose 8,000 plus followers but they’re just numbers. Grateful as I am, don’t really need validation or attention.

I once really enjoyed being a part of Twitter as a book blogger and being followed by authors, publishers and other people who just loved books as much as I did. Wow for the first time in my life, I could if I choose to talk about books non stop with a lot of like minded people. Unfortunately, as in life, attracted the attention of those who use people for their own ends. The fake ‘friends’ and users of people

That’s all I’ll say on that and this post by another blogger has prompted me to take another look at my Twitter account and wonder why on earth I still kept it going.

The Big Fat Bookworm

On a positive note though, I’m really grateful to each and every blogger, author and publisher who shared my blog posts thus increasing my followers.

I’ve read some truly remarkable books and hopefully will continue to do so and will continue to support the authors elsewhere.

Have some ARC copies of books that have been sent to me in good faith that I’ll read and review when I can wherever and may continue to blog about them. Never say never.

For now though Twitter, arriverderci. It’s been good but for now prefer Instagram. It’s more peaceful. That’s what’s needed now.

If anyone would like to follow me on Instagram it’s The Average Reader at williams.caryl

See you there 👍🌴🙃🖐👍