In Foreign Fields: How Not To Move to France by Susie Kelly @SusieEnFrance #Review #memoir #France #mrsbloggsbooks

My Review

I’m a huge fan of Susie Kelly’s books and look forward to every new release of hers. Immediately abandoned every other book on my TBR pile and devoured this one.

This time Susie takes us back to the very beginning of her time in France as a newly arrived resident. The recession had hit her and her husband Terry hard and they’d lost a lot of money and businesses in the U.K. Buying an old property that required much renovation in France may not have been the wisest choice but Susie was determined to make the best of it and cope with living in sometimes primitive conditions. At least it was theirs and they could do it up in their own time. Terry returned to the U.K. to work and raise money for their living costs and for renovations.

Susie finds her French neighbours to be kind, thoughtful and interesting with their stories and anecdotes about life in the village during their youth and during the Nazi occupation of World War Two. She starts to enjoy the peace and quiet of French country living. The birds, country sights and smells and her own menagerie of animals that includes multiple dogs, a parrot and two horses who all turn into escape artists and are forever getting into scrapes and going off on their own adventures.

Susie makes friends amongst the local expat community of Brits, but some of them take advantage of her kindness and generosity by making demands of her time and telephone line. I really thought that I attract odd people but Susie has this down to a fine art, with some extremely odd, demanding characters crossing her path or moving into her locality and even at times into her own home.

As usual Susie’s humour and skill at recounting events in her life during that time period had me laughing out loud. I hope she continues writing in this vein about their early life in France. I suspect there is much more to be told!

A wonderful read and I can highly recommend this for anyone who likes a good humorous read written by a skilled narrator and storyteller

About The Author

Susie Kelly was born in grey post-war London, and spent much of her childhood and young adulthood in the beautiful country of Kenya.

She now lives in south-west France with a menagerie of assorted animals, and is passionate about animal welfare.

Her first book Best Foot Forward was published by Transworld Publishers in 2003, followed by Two Steps Backward in 2004, and A Perfect Circle in 2006.

Since 2011 Susie’s books have been published by Blackbird Digital Books, whose theme is strong, adventurous women living life to the full. Blackbird Digital Book people love birds and animals, travel, history, romance, natural health and environment, resourcefulness, humour, the surreal and magic.

If her house caught fire and she could only save three things (apart from her animals, of course), they would be courage, compassion and a sense of humour.

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