🎄❄️Special Christmas Afternoon Tea With Gina Kirkham @GinaGeeJay and Mrs Bloggs 🎄❄️ #mrsbloggsbooks🎄❄️🎁🎄☕️

I’m really pleased to have author Gina Kirkham as a guest today for a special Christmas edition of Afternoon Tea With Mrs Bloggs.

Gina Kirkham is the author of Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I’m sure that I’m going to be in for a fun time. Given Gina’s fantastic sense of humour, I Predict A Riot! Gulp 😀

❄️ Hello Gina, thanks for accepting my invitation. I’m really thrilled to have you as a guest on a special Christmas Afternoon Tea With me ❄️

❄️ Tea or Coffee? ❄️

🎄Ooooh, cup of tea definitely. Unfortunately it’s also the one thing that can bring my hubby and I to blows with a wet copy of last weeks Liverpool Echo! He makes our morning cuppa in mugs with a tea bag in each one and horror of horrors – he puts the milk in first! I’m convinced it bungs up the perforations in even the best teabag but he thinks I’m talking through my proverbial. We’re currently carrying out experiments on ‘before or after’ to prove who is right. Such a far cry from those heady romantic days of our courtship when ‘before or after’ was a debate on us having ‘naughties’ out of wedlock 🎄

❄️ What is your favourite Christmas tipple?

🎄Baileys with ice very closely followed by my year-round favourite, Alnwick Gin (best Gin in the entire world). I’m a bit of a lightweight with alcohol, which was one of the things that attracted hubby; I was a cheap date. Two Babychams and I was sliding down the table leg in the posh restaurant he’d chosen. I was definitely cheap on alcohol and as an added bonus, the menu too, as I was that drunk I didn’t make it to the pudding!

❄️Do you ever add a little bit of Christmas spirit to your tea or coffee to warm you up on cold winter days? ❄️

🎄Oh dear, absolutely not…. I’d end up staggering down aisle 2 in Morrisons, wiping out the entire organic Nuts & Dried Fruit shelf with one sweep of my ample bosom.

❄️Christmas pudding or something else for dessert? ❄️

🎄I’m banned from Christmas pudding if it contains alcohol as it would top up the Bailey’s/Gin/Mulled Wine to disastrous levels causing mayhem at the dinner table. I managed to explode a tinned Heinz chocolate pudding one year because after a few too many ‘sherries’ I allowed the pan to boil dry. In the absence of anything else to provide to my guests, I grabbed the stepladders from the garage and scraped it off the ceiling. A few dollops of cream and nobody noticed. 😬

❄️ Any family traditions you follow at Christmas? ❄️

🎄Christmas pyjamas and Twiglets on Christmas Eve and playing Bing Crosby’s White Christmas on Christmas morning. My mum would always start Christmas Day with Bing crooning her favourite song. She would give it three repeats on full volume, drag my brother and sister out of bed, then phone me holding the handset as close to the speakers as she could. I now carry on the tradition, although I misdialled one year at 7.30 am and managed to introduce the joys of Bing to a bemused Brenda, the local Chiropodist.

❄️ What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever had? ❄️

🎄Three little glass angels in a pink satin box that my mum gave me, more as a stocking filler than a main present, but I have always believed it was to have a special meaning for me one day. I now have two gorgeous granddaughters and have excitedly found out this week that I’m to have a grandson in April 2019 …. so there are my three little angels.

❄️ Is there a Christmas book that you can recommend? ❄️

🎄A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I love the atmospheric generosity of spirit that wins through in Dickens timeless tale and who doesn’t love a good ghost story.

❄️ Which books are you planning to read at Christmas time? ❄️

🎄 I’ve got sooooo many downloaded onto my Kindle and squished into my bookcase ready for a few self indulgent hours over the festive period. Top of my TBR is Don’t Make A Sound by David Jackson. Dave is not only a superb crime writer, he’s also my neighbour and I attended his writing classes in the early days of learning my craft. I’m also waiting for the Christmas release date of Shani Struthers latest, Rosamund. I love Shani’s series of supernatural books

❄️Where are you eating Christmas dinner and who will be present? ❄️

🎄We have two Christmas days and two Christmas dinners so that we can accommodate our large family, one on the actual day itself with my 81 year old Dad and another on Boxing Day for our son, daughters, their respective partners and our grandchildren. Both gatherings are held in our home. Dad has mid stage Alzheimer’s so we’re guaranteed laughter and probably some very embarrassing incidents. We try our best to find humour in adversity, as there’s no point in focusing on the negatives of the illness, there are usually more tears from laughter than sadness. Last year, after stuffing himself with a copious amount of sprouts, Dad sneakily released a humongous bout of noisy flatulence. As a stunned silence fell across the gathered dinner guests, wine glasses and forks frozen in horror, he calmly wiped his forehead with the serviette and loudly and unashamedly blamed our mum for the foul misdeed. Nobody had the heart to remind him that she’d been dead for the past twelve years!

About Gina Kirkham

Gina Kirkham was born on the Wirral in the not-so-swinging 50’s. Being the less adventurous of three children, she remains there to this day. Trundling a bicycle along a leafy path one wintry day, a lifelong passion to be a police officer gave her simultaneously an epiphany and fond memories of her favourite author Enid Blyton and moments of solving mysteries. And thus began an enjoyable and fulfilling career with Merseyside Police. On retirement she put pen to paper to write a book based on her experiences as a police officer. And so Mavis Upton was born…

To Purchase any of her books follow the links below

To Purchase at Amazon UK

To Purchase via Waterstones

Thanks for being such a wonderfully entertaining guest Gina. It’s been great fun and I’ve had to stifle a few giggles at your replies

(Christmas images are via Pixabay)

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