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It was a real pleasure having Jane spend some time in the kitchen at Le Gavroche. Her passion and creativity really shone through as I’m sure it will in these recipes.
Jane’s culinary talent is unquestionable and I think it’s wonderful that she is showcasing how delicious and exciting gluten-free dishes can be.

(Michel Roux Jr.)

My Review

As a long term fan of Masterchef in all its forms, Jane Devonshire stood out for me and my husband and we nervously watched her progress through all the rounds of her competition year. Jane is a family cook from Hampshire, self taught but an interest in food and cookery from an early age. She has an innate skill of producing plates of high quality delicious food and doing so at each stage of the Masterchef competition, despite some very skilled competitors. Eventually, of course Jane progressed through each stage and became a Masterchef champion. That year was my all time favourite Masterchef and I’m waiting for it to repeated on Good Foods TV Channel. The other contestants were excellent and the last ones in the competition formed a tight bond between them.

I pre-ordered Hassle Free Gluten Free before it was published and couldn’t wait to receive my copy. Since that time we’ve used quite a few of the recipes to make delicious meals and desserts: No, I’m not showing photos because our presentation leaves a lot to be desired! Unlike the gorgeously presented plates of food illustrated in the book. Makes me feel hungry and creative just flicking through the book. It’s inspiring. We’re not gluten free but making the recipes with Jane’s instructions have produced some very tasty dishes. We’ve made batches of soup cooked from the soup recipes and have a freezer full. Wonderful stuff and ideal for winter days. We’ve made the cakes and even tried the bread recipe that turned out exceptionally well.

We have a friend with Coeliac disease who has to eat gluten free – they have no choice in the matter. We’ve bought them a copy for a Christmas present.

Cheesy pasta bake with smoked haddock and prawns. One of our favourites from the book.

Jane became an expert in cooking gluten free recipes because her son has Coeliac disease. Her cookery skills are a real credit to her and her perseverance in learning how to cook delicious family meals that he could enjoy.

Her recipes are made with love and her cooking skills honed through the love of her family. We’re looking forward to her next book!

Jane continues to impress top rated Michelin starred chefs such as Marcus Wareing and Michel Roux Jr. with her skills in the kitchen.

Something Jane kept from the Masterchef judges and the public was that she had a history of breast cancer that later recurred in her liver.

Newspaper article about Jane’s cancer battle

About the Author

Since winning MasterChef in 2016, Jane has taken the bull by the food horns and tested herself further by working with a number of amazing chefs including Marcus Wareing, Atul Kochhar, Jason Atherton, Michel Roux and Michael O’Hare at their restaurants.
Jane has presented at numerous food and drink shows around the UK, including the BBC Good Food Show. Her travels have taken her from Edinburgh to Brighton, in the course of which she has developed a love for presenting her recipes and chatting to people about food.
Jane has appeared on numerous TV and radio programmes including BBC Breakfast, Loose Women, South Today and Woman’s Hour. 

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