• Publication date: 18 Sep 2018
  • Publisher: Bloodhound Books
  • Language: English
  • Source: The publisher Bloodhound via NetGalley

My Review

I read this book some time ago, but have struggled to write a review because the subject of the book is an extremely difficult, emotive issue. Child molestation and grooming by a family member who was a paedophile.

Laura, the girl in the story had been sexually abused by her father from the age of 12. Laura hadn’t told anyone else about the abuse, not even her own mother and when her father starts paying Emma a young girl of the same age, a lot of attention and taking her swimming she tries her best to overcome her fears and prevent anything happening to the girl before it’s too late.

I enjoyed the debut novel by Jennie Ensor Blind Side. My Review is Here

When I noticed this one on NetGalley I couldn’t wait to read it.

This book, in common with Blind Side is another well written gripping read.

The author writes with a sensitivity and deep understanding of the subject and of course she would do having experienced it all first hand from the age of 12 yrs when the abuse by her own father commenced. I only discovered this fact recently, after I’d read the book and it prompted me to hurry and review the book that the author had obviously poured her heart and soul into and must have been agonising to write about. Hopefully it was cathartic too.

The shame and guilt felt by Laura that one of her own parents could behave towards her in this way. The awful betrayal of trust that a parent, someone who was supposed to care for her and keep her safe was acting in this way to satisfy his own perverted needs. The need to expose secrets she’d grown so used to keeping hidden. The knowledge that exposure of it all would hurt other people including her mother and possibly her father too, who she still loved despite herself and despite everything he’d done to her.

Does Laura succeed in preventing another young life being ruined?

The book made me angry, sad and at times I had to stop reading but was desperate to know what happened so carried on with it.

Bravo to the author for writing this compelling read and for highlighting the subject of grooming and abuse by a trusted parent.

Box of tissues needed for this one. Heartbreaking and emotive.

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About The Author

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A Londoner with Irish heritage, Jennie Ensor began her writing career as a journalist, obtaining a Masters in Journalism (winning two awards) and covering topics from forced marriage to accidents in the mining industry. She isn’t afraid to tackle controversial issues in her novels, either: Islamic terrorism, Russian gangsters and war crimes in her debut Blind Side, a psychological mystery; child abuse and sexual exploitation in her latest novel THE GIRL IN HIS EYES, a dark psychological family drama (published September 2018 by Bloodhound Books). 

Jennie Ensor’s poetry has appeared in many publications, most recently Ink Sweat and Tears. Ms Ensor briefly considered doing research into plasma physics while studying astrophysics at uni. In her spare time she plays the piano, sings in a chamber choir and dreams of setting off on a long trip with her Kindle.