In the middle of reading some quite serious books, I was alerted to this book written by retired vet Malcolm Welshman by two friends of mine and they told me that I’d love it. I did.

Always a sucker for tales of veterinary adventures, I read this book virtually as soon as it was downloaded. It was a breath of fresh air and I enjoyed it immensely.

I understand the author has written a series of books about his life as a vet and this one starts at the beginning with some tales from his childhood in Africa. Apart from several encounters, including scary ones, with exotic animals, he owned an intelligent African grey parrot with a talent for mimicry and an extensive vocabulary and a pet dog called Poucher who saved the life of Malcolm’s mother. There his love of animals was born

Back to West Sussex where the author, now a qualified vet, is a partner in a practice called Prospect House. Hilariously funny anecdotes that include encounters with pet rodents that include a missing gerbil and several other escape artist pets had me giggling away more than once.

Charismatic parrots once more come into the author’s life as he treats some with minor ailments. I don’t know what it is about parrots but they always make me laugh and some of the stories in this book had me howling with laughter. It’s the way the stories were written obviously but the birds themselves, as always, are the stars of the show.

Some of the wonderful tales brought me to tears, including the one about one of his own rescued dogs – rescued from owners who wanted the dog put to sleep – rescuing the life of another of the vet’s own rescued dogs.

Malcolm’s experiences, recounted in a most readable way, illustrate the interesting and challenging situations that can confront a vet. A most enjoyable insight into his fascinating life.’ Jim Wight, son of James Herriot, author of The Real James Herriot

The endorsement above by James Herriot’s son is one that I thoroughly agree with.

A really enjoyable, heartwarming and entertaining read

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Malcolm is a retired vet and author of three fictionalised novels about the life of a young vet in his early days in practice. In September 2011, the ebook of the first, Pets in a Pickle, reached number 2 in Kindle’s bestseller list. The following year, Barnes & Noble in the US chose Pets in a Pickle as its Free Friday selection from their Nook books. As a result the ebook got 68,000 hits and 450 reviews, over half of which were 5*. 

The third novel in the series, Pets Aplenty, was a finalist in the People’s Book Prize 2015.

His latest memoir, published September 2018, relates, through a series of very personal and heartfelt anecdotes, how animals that have influenced his life from a youngster in Nigeria through to his early years as a vet, starting with Nigel the newt.

Malcolm also writes features for national newspapers such as The Daily Mail, and magazines such as Dorset Life, Parrots Magazine and Cat World. The People’s Friend has run two series each of 30 stories, entitled ‘Tales from Prospect House’.

In addition, his writing and plethora of animal anecdotes, has enabled him to participate as a guest speaker on cruise ships with a tally of 44 engagements worldwide to-date.

His website is: 

Twitter @malcolmwelshman