The Relentless Tide (DCI Daley 6) by Denzil Meyrick @Lochlomonden #Review #mrsbloggsbooks #TheRelentlessTide

• Publication date: 6 Sep 2018

• Publisher: Polygon

• Language: English


Source: ARC plus a Kindle copy I purchased

When Professor Francombe and her team of archaeologists find the remains of three women on a remote Kintyre hillside – a site rumoured to have been the base of Viking warlord Somerled – their delight soon turns to horror when they realise the women tragically met their end little more than two decades ago. It soon becomes clear that these are the three missing victims of the ‘Midweek Murderer’, a serial killer who was at work in Glasgow in the early 1990s.

DCI Jim Daley now has the chance to put things right – to confront a nightmare from his past and solve a crime he failed to as a young detective. However, when Police Scotland’s Cold Case Unit arrive, they bring yet more ghosts to Kinloch.

A tale of death, betrayal, Viking treasure and revenge set in the thin places where past, present and future collide.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a review copy by the publisher, but it arrived right in the middle of a house move, so it’s only now I’m able to read and review. Also bought a kindle copy to read out and about.

As a huge fan of Denzil Meyrick’s books, I was desperate to read this one and it certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact I think he’s surpassed himself because this is his best one yet.

The wonderful descriptions of the area in and around Kinloch are to die for literally in this case as the fictional town is the setting for the discovery of three bodies up on a newly dug archeological site near the town. After the bodies are identified as belonging to missing victims in an old murder inquiry dating back to the mid 90’s, DCI Jim Daley and his friend DS Brian Scott are an integral part of the investigating team of police officers. Unfortunately an old retired enemy of Daley reappears as a civilian investigator for the Cold Case inquiry.

With ancient castles and Viking hoards included in the tale Meyrick works his usual storytelling magic to bring the characters to life in the beautiful area of the area around Campbeltown, his home town and the real setting of his books.

I love the characters in his books – Daley and Scott, Hamish and Annie and the small town atmosphere where gossip is currency and where the truth never gets in the way of a good story.

In this book we’re taken right back in parts to Glasgow 1994, right at the heart of the original Midweek Murder case as it became known colloquially or The Grab a Granny Murders to the less literate. Jim Daley was involved in that investigation back then too and echoes of that time and characters come back to haunt him.

DS Brian Scott, now enjoying an evangelical sobriety is worried about his recently bereaved old friend and feels he might be headed down a path he once followed himself which almost ended his life and nearly destroyed his sanity.

I thoroughly enjoyed this absorbing read and the only downside is that I now have to wait for the next one in the series.

Denzil Meyrick is a top notch writer. If Val McDermid is the Queen of crime fiction, then Denzil Meyrick is most definitely the King!

Compelling. Beautifully descriptive. Crime writing at its very best.

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Denzil Meyrick was born in Glasgow and brought up in Campbeltown. After studying politics, he pursued a varied career including time spent as a police officer, freelance journalist, and director of several companies.

Beginning with Whisky from Small Glasses, then The Last Witness, Dark Suits and Sad Songs, The Rat Stone Serenade, and Well of the Winds, the DCI Daley series have all become Scottish Crime bestsellers. Whisky from Small Glasses reached #2 in the UK Kindle store in 2016.

An anthology of short stories, One Last Dram was published in late 2017.

The Daley series to date have all been number one bestselling UK audiobooks on Audible.

Number six in the DCI Daley series, The Relentless Tide, is available to pre-order on Kindle and in print on Amazon now, and will be published on 6 September 2018.

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