• Publication date: 22 May 2018

• Publisher: William Collins

• Language: English

• ASIN: B07995C38P


A compelling, at times devastating, ultimately inspiring account of how much can go wrong on the ocean and how, miraculously, one woman conquered her own fears.

‘An inspirational and empowering read’ Shailene Woodley

Young and in love, their lives ahead of them, Tami Oldham and her fiancé Richard Sharp set sail from Tahiti under brilliant blue skies, with Tami’s hometown of San Diego as their ultimate destination. But the two free spirits and avid sailors couldn’t anticipate that less than two weeks into their voyage, they would sail directly into one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history. They found themselves battling pounding rain, waves the size of skyscrapers, and 140 knot winds. Richard tethered himself to the boat and sent Tami below to safety, and then all went eerily quiet……

Previously published as Red Sky in Mourning

As a fan of memoirs this book appealed to me on many levels.

I have to admit that I’m not a sailor, nor am I a good passenger on any form of sailing boat because I get seasick. Although brought up in a busy and historic port, the only boating I ever did was as a passenger on Mersey Ferry boats.

I also have no real knowledge, only a rough idea of the names of necessary equipment on board a boat and luckily there is a helpful glossary at the back of this book.

Having stated all of the above I absolutely love sailing memoirs. The ultimate escape armchair reads for me. There is something about tales of the wide open seas, the places explored, the freedom of it all, the threat of danger from unpredictable weather and the camaraderie amongst the sailing fraternity that is endlessly appealing to me.

It would be wrong of me to reveal here all that happened because the shock factor I think is an important part of the book and needs to be read in the order of events for the reader to feel the emotional impact. I haven’t seen the movie so can’t comment on that, or how true to the actual story it is.

This book was a fascinating read throughout. A story of survival against the odds in very challenging situations at sea. Also the survival of human sprit, inner strength, the power of love and a lost love.

Adrift is also a tale of guidance from within, from our own inner ‘Voice’ of reason, or for believers, guidance from a higher force.

I read it and lived through the journey with the survivor, all the setbacks and triumphs holding my breath and hoping for a good outcome.

A fascinating read and one that will stay with me especially when watching the sun set.

An absolute whirlwind of emotion.

Thanks to the publisher via NetGalley for my ARC copy

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Tami Oldham Ashcraft speaks frequently about her experiences and continues to be an avid sailor. She is a hundred-ton licensed captain who has logged more than 50,000 offshore miles, and lives with her husband and family in Friday Harbor, Washington.