The Keeper Of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan #mrsbloggsbooks #TheKeeperOfLostThings

Publisher: Two Roads

Publishing date: 26 January 2017

Source: My Own copy

I was hooked from the first chapter of this beguiling book.

Anthony, a writer mourning a lost love, lives in a Victorian villa and collects various lost items that he finds on his travels. Every item is carefully collated with its own label describing where and when it was found and placed on a shelf in his study.

Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin containing cremation remains? Found, sixth carriage from the front, 14.42 train from London Bridge to Brighton. Deceased unknown. God bless and rest in peace.

The writer Anthony weaves wonderful tales about lost items and has books of short stories published.

Readers of this book are treated to the stories of a few of the items, their owners and how they came to be lost.

I loved the characters within the book – the housekeeper Laura, gardener Freddie and Sunshine whom Laura teaches to make ‘the lovely cups of tea’.

I enjoyed how the book went back to the past and then returned to the present in a smooth transition that eventually brought everything together and everything happened for a reason that became clearer as the story progressed.

The tragic story of Anthony’s lost love the ethereal Therese, dead for forty years and their doomed relationship is an important part of the book and the ghost of Therese haunts areas of the house affecting the mechanism of locks, a certain clock and an old gramophone player according to how events may or may not turn out.

The gramophone player was a handsome wooden affair with a sweeping golden horn. He lifted the needle and placed it gently onto the liquorice-coloured disc. The voice of Al Bowlly floated up through the air and out into the garden to compete with the blackbird.

Beautifully written. A perfect read for a Summer’s day or a holiday.

I’m missing the characters already and wondering if there’ll be a sequel.

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About The Author

Ruth Hogan the author of The Keeper of Lost Things, a Richard & Judy Book Club pick and a WHSmith Travel ‘Fresh Talent’ selection. A #1 word-of-mouth hit with more than a quarter of a million copies sold, the book is currently being published in more than 20 countries around the world.

The Particular Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes, Ruth’s second novel, will be published by Two Roads in Spring 2018.

She lives in a chaotic Victorian house with an assortment of rescue dogs and her long-suffering husband.

twitter | instagram | facebook > ruthmariehogan

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