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Wow! I just loved this book! I read it while in hospital having a knee replacement and it certainly took my mind off my own events.

The third read in my 20 Books Of Summer challenge

The concept of travelling back through time and changing the course of history has been explored often in literature and film, but this absolutely delightful novel was fresh, unique and beautifully written.

Luna, the main protagonist has the astonishing involuntary ability via entering a time slip to be able to visit an area pertinent to her parents’ past and relive events in their lives as they happened and seems to be able to influence events of that time that could in effect alter their history in such a way that could also have an impact on their lives but should she?

The setting for the book is Brooklyn, New York in 1977 the place where Luna and her sister Pea’s parents first met before later travelling to England. They met on the set of the iconic, now classic, movie Saturday Night Fever.

Here’s where I scream out loud because that is one of my all time favourite movies! I remember very well when it was first released into the cinema (yes, I’m that old) and we were all caught up in it, fell completely in love with John Travolta, tried to copy the dance moves at our local disco, dancing to all the Bee Gee hits.

The story is at times breathtaking, scary and heartbreaking. It’s about love, loss, friendship and trust.

I was completely enraptured by it.

This will be on my Outstanding Books Of The Year list. Magical. Enchanting. Thought provoking. Very special

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About The Author


Rowan Coleman’s first novel Growing Up Twice was a WHS Fresh Talent Winner. Since then, Rowan has written fifteen novels, including The Memory Book which was a Sunday Times bestseller. It was selected for the Richard and Judy Bookclub and awarded Love Reading Novel of the Year, as voted for by readers.

Her latest novel, The Summer of Impossible Things, is a Zoe Ball TV Book Club selection.

Rowan lives with her husband and their five children in a very full house in Hertfordshire, juggling writing novels with raising her family. She really wishes someone would invent time travel.

You can find out more about Rowan at http://www.rowancoleman.co.uk or follow her on Facebook or Twitter @rowancoleman

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