#mrsbloggsbooks The Dead Ex by Jane Corry @JaneCorryAuthor @PenguinUKBooks #DomesticNoir #CrimeFiction

• Publication date: 21 Jun 2018

• Publisher: Penguin

• Language: English


With thanks to the author and publisher via NetGalley for my ARC copy

I’ve read all of Jane Corry’s books now and loved every one of them. I’m always really excited when I hear she has a new book out.

The story in this novel is narrated by three different voices. One is Vicky, an aromatherapist who suffers from epilepsy and is trying to recover from the failure of her marriage to David, a man that she is still in love with.

Here, the subject of epilepsy and its many effects and dangers is explored sensitively. The different attitudes of people who witness anyone having an epileptic seizure in public is explored and it even though I had a lengthy career in nursing, this has made me realise much more that if this is an echo of real life situations, then much more education about the condition is needed.

One of the other voices in the narrative is from a young child, a little girl, whose mother involves her in various drug deals by using her to pass on or buy drugs from various ‘uncles’ in public places to avoid suspicion falling on her. The consequences of this are that they are both caught and the mother ends up in prison and the child in the care system. I could have cried for that little girl as she lives through some horrendous experiences that shape her life.

The third voice is that of a young girl, a photographer who seeks out David, the ex husband of Vicki and has an agenda that takes her on a collision course with other characters in the story.

The author’s experience of working within the penal system as a writer in residence in a male high security prison gives her books an authenticity and insight when writing about situations that occur within prisons, the people who commit crimes and the families they leave behind.

All in all a cracking well plotted novel that had me enthralled throughout as the stories all mesh together in a fascinating tale of love, loss and deceit.

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About The Author

Jane Corry is a former magazine journalist who spent three years working as the writer-in-residence of a high security prison for men. She had never been inside a jail before and this often hair-raising experience helped inspire her Sunday Times bestselling psychological thrillers, Blood Sisters and My Husband’s Wife.

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