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• Publication date: 17 Apr 2018

• Publisher: Bookouture

• Language: English

With thanks to the publisher Kim Nash at Bookouture for my ARC copy.

I’m on a blog break due to house move and surgery. This is a scheduled post.

I recently spent about ten years researching my relations experiences in The Great War. As a result of this, I read just about everything I could on the subject. As a nurse (now retired) the medical aspects interested me enormously and I had heard of the intrepid twosome of Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm; otherwise known as The Madonnas Of Pervyse and read some accounts of their work during the war.

One aspect I usually avoided were fictional accounts of events because as I gained in knowledge I was only too aware of errors, omissions and the downright rewriting of the truth and history. I also despise any books that try to romanticise the war in any way. The book description of this one nearly put me right off! ‘A moving wartime romance saga full of heart’

Therefore, with some trepidation I agreed somewhat reluctantly to read this book.

I was surprised to find that the author had researched the war and the varied subjects of the book thoroughly, not one aspect was romanticised or even glorified.

The true horror and impact, both emotional and physical of the effects of battle, on those living through the daily horror and on those treating the wounded and dying were vividly described in this book.

The enduring relationship between the two women which survived during the most trying times was described in a realistic manner and the dialogue between them was entirely believable and brought them both to life.

All the stars and full marks to the author for a most fascinating, high calibre, superbly written read. I literally couldn’t put it down. I’m looking forward to more from this author.

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About The author

Lizzie Page has always loved reading the adventures of women in the past so it seemed natural to write historical fiction. The War Nurses is the first in a trilogy inspired by some of the incredible women who served on the Western Front. She likes to think its a ‘fierce-friendship-story’ and hopes the series helps shine a light on the achievements and relationships of women in war, and that you find all the books entertaining and moving.



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