Book reading plans for 2018: The Year Of The Series and other books Part 1 📚

To misquote Robert Burns ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’

(Original quote from To a Mouse by Robert Burns : “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”) There is another semi religious quote somewhere about deities laughing at the plans of men but I’m too scared to look!

I’m not sure if it’s wise for me to make such plans. I always have a job completing the 20 Books Of Summer challenge because I’m very easily led away and seduced by the glittery new releases that I simply must read. Or the lovely review copies that I’m sent to read.

With health issues too, I read much slower these days, as stronger pain medication and chronic fatigue sends me off to sleep when reading. I’m top of the list (so I’m told) for a knee replacement this year, this month too, so more initial pain relief, but more time resting so possibly, if I can stay awake, more time reading. Time will tell and this time next year hopefully I’ll be able to report back.

This year I’m planning to have a bit of structure to my reading and here are my plans:

To catch up with or at least read some of the book series from authors I really like and have somehow not caught up with.

Val McDermid for starters, who I always claim is my favourite author, but I’m way behind with her series, especially the Tony Hill one and then I’ll be able to catch up with her latest Insidious Intent

The Kate Daniels series by Mari Hannah. I’ve read precisely one of this series and really enjoyed it so must read the rest.

Elly Griffiths, whose books are sitting on my bookshelf, is an author whose series I’ve been meaning to read.

I have a lovely signed copy of this book from when I met the author Anne Cleeves at Appledore Book Festival last year but I haven’t read it because I’m behind with the series!

Ted Darling is my favourite fictional detective but I’m way behind with this series and now there is a prequel!

I love Carol Hedges crime fiction series set in Victorian London so must catch up with the whole series.

I’m often asked to be on blog tours for the latest book in a series and one such book was Whiteout by Ragnar Jonasson that ended up on my Outstanding Books Of The Year list, yet I’m way behind with the other books in the series.

This is the first book in the series (all on my bookshelf!)

I love Valerie Poore’s series of memoirs about life living on board a canal boat in Rotterdam and travelling the waterways of Europe on her old boat, but I’ve yet to read her first memoir about her life in Africa and there’s a sequel out soon!

So here it is and it’s sitting on my kindle

One series I am smugly up to date with is the Project Renova dystopian series by Terry Tyler. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two Tipping Point and Lindisfarne and I’m really looking forward to the third book in the series. Even though I never ever read dystopian novels, oh except for Stephen King’s The Stand which is one of my favourite books of all time.

Speaking of Stephen King, I must catch up with his books. At one time I’d be anticipating his latest book, then buy it in hardback as soon as it was published!

I met Ian Rankin briefly at a book festival and he signed this book for me that I’ve yet to read because I haven’t caught up with the rest of the Rebus series ( yes, definitely a pattern here!)

A close friend of mine sadly passed away recently. Her favour author was Susan Hill.

In her memory, I’m planning to read most of her books (the author told me on Twitter that there are 60). Keeping a realistic aim I’m planning to read the Simon Serrailler crime fiction series this year (there are nine of them). I’m currently reading one of her memoirs Howard’s End Is On The Landing and enjoying it very much. There’s a second one Jacob’s Room Is Full Of Books.

I pulled out a random book to read from my old collection of Penguin paperbacks and it was Ladies and Gentlemen written in 1968 and such a beautifully written book that I’m looking forward to reading more of her books.

A book series I come across quite often on other book bloggers blogs is the series by L J Ross, so it’s a must read. I have the first one on my kindle.

Last but not least, another favourite author of mine is Michael Connolly and I have several of his books to read on Kindle plus a hardback on my shelf. This one:

I think that’s the series taken care of for now and being realistic again I may not catch up with them all but will hopefully make a good start.

This is in danger of becoming a blog post that’s as long as Methuselah’s beard, so will catch up with the other books I plan to read in Part 2. Yes, there’s more….

11 thoughts on “Book reading plans for 2018: The Year Of The Series and other books Part 1 📚

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  1. We love the same authors Mrs Bloggs & have some of the same reading patterns (excuses?) 😉
    I love VMcD also, but haven’t read any of her newer books. Must prioritize this.
    And i enjoyed Mari Hanna’s 1st book but haven’t gotten around to reading the next one yet.

    Have had the first 3 books in the Galloway series for years & still haven’t found the time to begin this series.

    I also wanted to put off reading The Seagull, because i was behind in the series. But as i received an ARC, i had to read it. Well it was terrific & i found that it was fine to read this one out of order.

    Met Ragnar at Bouchercon last fall, and came away with a signed copy of Snowblind.
    I’ve also heard excellent things about LJR,s books plus Susan Hill’s series, which I’m determined to read in 2018 – just as soon as i can find my copy of TVHoM……

    Wishing you all the best with your surgery & hope that the recovery will allow you to enjoy catching up with some of these excellent authors 😊

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my series in a post containing such highly acclaimed authors! I am glad I am not a great fan of crime fiction, or I am sure my list would be so much longer. I’ve just started draft 3 of the third book, UK2, so I am way ahead of schedule!

    With regard to the knee, GOOD LUCK. Having suffered with PVNS last year and having to have a knee op, I feel your pain, literally! I found that tying a bag of frozen peas round the knee with a scarf really helped – odd, but it works. We had about 4 bags of peas in the bottom of the freezer that were kept just for this purpose. My sister had a hip replacement that year, too (2016), so we felt like a right pair of old crocks… but Julia was back doing her dance lessons within a few months (I am 58 and she is 60) – once you have that replacement, you will feel so much better!

    Meanwhile, I look forward to you reading African Ways!

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  3. Good luck. There are some great books on your list. I must have a look at the books that I would love to read. Reading books that have been requested for review never seem to leave me with time to be able to read the books that I want to. May be this is the year. Although I have read a lot of books on request that have been amazing, so I shouldn’t moan. X

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  4. I had such a surprise when I saw African Ways here, Caryl! Thank you so much, but with such an amazing array of books to read, I won’t blame you if you don’t get to it! I’ve actually nodded a few times at your other unread books as I’ve been meaning to read Val McDermid, and more of Elly Griffiths. I’m also planning to read Preacher Man and the prequel by LM Krier, being very fond of Ted Darling myself! I’m currently reading a Bennie Griessel book by Deon Meyer, another favourite, but flawed detective. It’s set in South Africa too. I’m so glued I’ve got two half read memoirs sitting in the wings. I do hope you manage to have your knee op soon! Chronic pain is so exhausting. No wonder you need to sleep! A virtual hug coming your way!

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    1. Thanks Val, it’s a whole body joint disease RA with a rare syndrome attached to it (Felty’sk). But a new knee will help with that joint. Looking forward to reading African Ways very much. I’ll definitely make time for it. X


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