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An ideal read leading up to the Christmas period.

• Publication date: 13 Jan 2016

• Publisher: Little G Books

The Blurb

When a young woman’s body is discovered lying in an alleyway off Carnaby Street, Detectives Stride and Cully do not realise that her brutal murder is only the beginning of a killing spree that will terrify the whole of London and leave them both baffled. It will take all their skill and deductive powers to track down the serial killer, and their investigation will lead them into new and frightening territory.

Meanwhile, spinster Hyacinth Clout, a young woman of some beauty but few prospects, decides to end the servitude of her life looking after her dictatorial sister by seeking love instead. She is not alone: love is in the air for several young women in 1861 London, but will their search lead to romance or ruin?

Honour & Obey is the long awaited sequel to the much acclaimed Diamonds & Dust, once again featuring Detective Inspector Leo Stride and his assistant Detective Sergeant Jack Cully of the recently formed Detective Division of the Metropolitan Police.

In the great tradition of Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle, this sharp witty series of detective novels brings back to life the murky gaslit world of Victorian London

Grab DIAMONDS & DUST, the first in this electrifying series…

My Thoughts & Review

I really enjoyed the first book in this series Diamonds and Dust. This one is even better

Once again, from the minute I opened the first page of this book I was transported back to Victorian times. The sights, smells, the clothing worn and the terrible grinding poverty of those times, the like of which must never be seen again in this country.

The air smells of second-hand fish, coal-dust, potato sacks, fruit, vegetables, the adjacent gasworks, and chemicals from nearby Apothecaries’ Hall’

The author Carol Hedges has such a grasp of the sheer essence of Victorian time and uses such delightful prose to describe it that I really feel like printing out pages of her books and framing them.

Night wears on, until the hour arrives when the lingerers and malingerers, the whores in the doorways, the flâneurs on the footpaths have all left the gaslit fairyland of the bewitching streets’

The names of some of the characters in the book Eustacia Mullygrub, Bethica Bitterslip, Morbid Crevice, Reverend Bitterspill are amusing, relevant to their situations or occupations and a definite nod to Dickens.

Young, underpaid apprentice dressmakers employed by a firm working on contracts to make beautiful gowns and accessories for rich ladies to wear during a season are being brutally murdered by someone named by the meddling and misleading popular press as ‘The Slasher’. (Yes, ‘Ripper’ fans will love it)

The detectives on the case Stride and Cully have a job on their hands because of the inbuilt suspicion of all things police related, no-one wants to talk to them and also because of press sensationalism with ‘tips’ and false information.

The subplots are interesting too and give us a glimpse into all the strata of Victorian society. The rich, the middle class and the poor all living in close proximity but with lifestyles very far apart from each other.

I enjoyed reading about Victoria and Lobelia Clout, The two spinster sisters who compete over their social consciences. Victoria trying to escape from the domineering Lobelia and find some love after spending years nursing a difficult, truculent invalid mother.

The stories eventually connect with each other leading to the eventual denouement of the murderer with some surprises along the way. These books should most definitely be serialised on the small screen.

An outstanding read.

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About the author

Carol Hedges is the successful UK writer of 17 books for Teenagers/Young Adults and Adults. Her writing has received much critical acclaim, and her novel Jigsaw was long-listed for the Carnegie Medal.

Her ebook Jigsaw Pieces, which deals unflinchingly with many of the problems that beset today’s teens, is available on Amazon as is her Dystopic Fantasy The Last Virus

Carol is also the writer of ‘The Victorian Detectives’ ~ a series of novels set in 1860s London and featuring Detective Inspector Leo Stride and his side-kick Detective Sergeant Jack Cully.

The five books in the series are:

Diamonds & Dust

Honour & Obey

Death & Dominion

Rack & Ruin

Wonders & Wickedness

Carol Hedges lives in Hertfordshire with a tortie-siamese cat and a lot of pond fish. When not writing/sleeping/trying to resist cake, she tutors A level and GCSE English Literature. She campaigns as chair of a local action group to save a community urban green space from possible development. She also minds her two grandchildren, one of whom is the star of the Award Winning series of blogs: The Adventures of L-Plate Gran

Bits of her writing life can be viewed on her blog:


Connect with Carol Hedges via Twitter: @carolJhedges

Visit her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thecuriousVictorian/