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Source: I was sent an ARC by the author but I also bought my own kindle copy too


After breaking off her engagement with Michael, Suzanne is still looking for The One. Bored with her freelancing job, she decides to take matters of both work and love into her own hands and Five Parks is born.

She starts a blog, offering five prospective suitors a chance of one of five dates in five London parks. Suzanne’s blog goes viral, amassing a huge following and even getting a column in a daily newspaper.

But after the fifth date – which she has no memory of – Suzanne wakes up shackled to a bed in a windowless room. The only items with her are a table, a chair and a laptop.

And an instruction from her captor: Keep Writing.

My Thoughts & Review

I really liked the cover of this book, it stood out on my bookshelf and I was itching to read it.

What an interesting and surprising book this was! I thought it was going on way then it went in different ways more than once. I must be losing my touch as an amateur sleuth. This is one book where I couldn’t figure out who the perpetrator was from the suspects presented to us. A psychological thriller full of surprises and twists and turns. Relevant to today’s world of social media and blogging, Ross McGuinnes has written a cracking good debut novel. I’ll look forward to reading more from this author.

I liked the writing style and the way the plot slowly unraveled. I bought an kindle copy of the book too so that I could keep reading while out and about, such was my interest in it.

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About The Author

Ross McGuinness is a journalist. He has written for Metro, Yahoo, The Guardian and the BBC. He lives in London. He can be found on Twitter at @McGuinnessRoss.