Source: The publisher via NetGalley

• Publication date: 18 Jul 2017

• Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

My Thoughts & Review

What an absolutely beautifully written, unforgettable book.

After the tragic death of Nina’s husband, her and her two sons are forced to move away from their beautiful home to her old home town and live a completely different lifestyle.

I think this book is one of those now classed as ‘grip lit’ by those who like to label various book genres. The story of how the family cope with their grief and change of circumstances is certainly a gripping one and I couldn’t bear to be away from the book until I’d found out what happened to them all. When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about the characters. It well and truly drew me in.

Full of poignant memories, so beautifully described they brought tears to my eyes, both of their past as a happy family of four but also of Nina and her sister’s mother who died while they were young girls.

There are passages in the book about lessons in life that were learned by the various characters that I felt like copying and pasting into messages to send to various people but they’d all wonder why the heck I’d become so profound in my old age and what exactly was I trying to tell them!

Makes me wonder what on earth the author has been through in her life to have such a wise head. I’m hoping there’s a sequel to this.

Highly recommended. Outstanding

I’m happy to see that I have more books by Amanda Prowse on my kindle to read!

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