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Keeping my ears to the ground to pick up on the latest most popular book doing the rounds of book bloggers. Consistently creating a very positive buzz is the book All The Wicked Girls by Chris Whitaker.

In the two months since the book was first published in August 2017 by Bonnier Zaffre, book blogger after book blogger has highly praised this book. Unfortunately (stupidly) I haven’t read it yet, so I’m totally unbiased. It is however on my TBR list, along with the author’s other book Tall Oaks that was also very popular to put it mildly. Here’s a random selection of book bloggers’ thoughts about All The Wicked Girls.

“All The Wicked Girls is a novel that you will become one with. The characters’ emotions will become your emotions ; Tragedy, grief, sorrow, regret, yet also, hope, self-discovery and atonement. A brooding, intense, incredible read!!”
Swirl and thread http://www.swirlandthread.com/wicked-girls-chris-whitaker/

“…after reading All The Wicked Girls, I have fallen head over heels with this authors style of writing and want to read everything he has ever written!”

My Chestnut Reading Tree http://wp.me/p62Zoo-74j

“Chris Whitaker’s creation of characters is astute and shrewd. The inhabitants of Grace are alive in the page, and his sense of place is extraordinary”

Random Things Through My Letterbox http://randomthingsthroughmyletterbox.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/all-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker.html?m=1

“I absolutely adored this book and can only describe it as a chillingly addictive masterpiece”

Chillers Killers and Thrillers https://chillerskillersandthrillers.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/chiller-review-all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker/amp/

“A powerful and affecting novel which I highly recommend”

Nudge-Book http://nudge-book.com/blog/2017/09/second-opinion-all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker-2/?platform=hootsuite

“All The Wicked Girls is a gripping thriller, but also a deeply emotional story with a big heart and characters you’ll cry over.”

Back To The Books https://backtothebooksblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/24/all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker/amp/

“…also an extremely atmospheric read, it was like the entire plot, the characters, the town, everything, was cloaked in sadness – a kind of sadness that touches you and makes this the ‘novel with a huge heart’”

Keeper Of Pages https://keeperofpages.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/book-review-all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker/amp/

“This is a novel that fulfills its purpose on every level; the setting, the characters and the story are all uniquely woven to form a masterful piece of work, and one which will live in my memory for a long time… An incandescent novel”

The Book Club Cafe https://thebookclubcafe.com/2017/09/05/all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker/amp/

“Chris Whitaker really has a knack for dealing with an ensemble cast, like a maestro conducting a choir with many voices. He paints a veridic picture of a rural community forgotten by the modern world, where each character has memorable traits…An intelligent and emotionally affecting crime novel which defies easy categorisation”

Crime Fiction Lover https://crimefictionlover.com/2017/08/all-the-wicked-girls/

“Chris Whitaker’s inimitable skill at building suspense and developing tenderness and kindness to rival the dark elements is one that leaves me wanting more every time..Dark. Intense. Dazzling”

Ronnie Turner https://ronnieturner.wordpress.com/2017/08/24/all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker-allthewickedgirls-atwg-publicationdayreview/amp/

“It’s incredibly intelligently plotted and amazingly descriptive”

Novel Deelights https://noveldeelights.com/2017/08/24/all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker-bonnierzaffre/amp/

“So before I begin, there is just something I have to say: Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it…Absolutely brilliant”

Jen Med’s Book Reviews https://jenmedsbookreviews.com/2017/08/24/review-all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker-whittyauthor-bonnierzaffre/amp/

“This book is magnificent and I’d strongly recommend it”

Blue Book Balloon http://bluebookballoon.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/review-all-wicked-girls.html?spref=tw&m=1

“Well all I can say is that All The Wicked Girls is possibly one of the most incredible novels you will read this year. There is only one word that really sums it up effectively – and that word is powerful”

Bibliomaniac https://bibliomaniacuk.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/allthewickedgirls-chriswhitaker-review.html?m=1

“Evoking unexpected emotions is always the hallmark of a gifted storyteller in my opinion. There is such a strong sense of place that imagining this town was effortless. His writing is intense and his voice is wholly unique”

Novel Gossip https://novelgossip.com/2017/08/22/review-all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker-whittyauthor-bonnierzaffre/amp/

“This is another fantastic novel from Whitaker, and I can’t wait to see what he does next”

Jo’s Book Blog https://josbookblog.co.uk/2017/08/12/all-the-wicked-girls-by-chris-whitaker/amp/

Other critical praise for All The Wicked Girls

‘A very real, very rare talentSarah Hilary
WonderfulM. R. Carey, author of The Girl With All The Gifts
Chris is so amazing. He just has this real knack of creating characters that you’re completely engaged with . . . I was hooked by his beautiful prose and by the end I was absolutely ruined’ Lisa Hall, author of Between You And Me
‘Extraordinarily good. Gripping and heartbreaking’ Deborah O’Connor, author of My Husband’s Son
PhenomenalJo Spain
‘StunningMichelle Davis
‘RemarkableMike Thomas
Impossibly good. And beautiful. And melancholy, utterly compelling and difficult to describe. I love this book’ Liz Loves Books

Currently a real bargain on kindle at £1.89 

To Purchase from Amazon UK

To Purchase from Waterstones

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