I don’t usually do a book haul post but this week has surpassed all others! I’ll need to go and lie in a darkened room after  cataloguing them all here. This may take you some time to read so have a cup of tea and pull up a chair. (Afterwards you too may need a little lie down)

I feel as if I should have a scene shot where I’m lying on a bed or in the bath and I just gather all my book haul from this week and throw it up in the air and let all the books cascade around me, except that I’d probably brain myself with the mighty hardbacks or end up with a black eye or two.

First up came Snare By Lilja Sigurdardottir (Translated by Quentin Bates) kindly sent as a review copy by Anne Cater, of the Orenda publishing team. Described as an “original, fast-paced and sexy Icelandic thriller series by crime writer Lilja Sigurðardóttir” (have nearly finished this one. It’s a cracker)
Year One by Nora Roberts, sent by publisher Little Brown Books as a review copy. Massive blockbuster size book.

Then along to the Appledore Book Festival (blog post to come) just down the road from us, where I met the lovely Ann Cleeves. My OH bought her latest book for me, The Seagull and she kindly signed it for me. (After a walk on the windy Quay, I looked like I’d been in a shipwreck but Ann was beautifully coiffed)

Next, later in the week at the same festival we went to a fascinating talk by Ian Rankin, where my OH bought a copy of Ian’s latest Rebus book that he kindly signed for me.

A few days later, same festival, my treat for my lovely hardworking nurse daughter, mother of two little girls, we went to a talk by the lovely, funny and down to earth Unmumsy Mum Sarah Turner. I’d bought a copy of Sarah’s latest book The Unmumsy Mum Diary for my daughter. At the end of the Talk the raffle was drawn by Sarah Turner and I was chuffed to bits that I won 1st prize, a huge bag of signed books by the featured authors of that day at the festival. Made my year so far!

My daughter in a selfie with The Unmumsy Mum Sarah Turner

My Competition prizes

The Unmumsy Mum Diary by Sarah Turner (yes my very own copy)
The War In The West by James Holland 
Duchess by Penny Junor
Wild Stallion Whispering: The Real-Life Story of Wild-Born Exmoor Pony Stallion Bear and His Journey from Unwanted Foal to World Champion by Dawn Westcott 
Postcards From The Past by Tom Jackson
Sod Sixty!: The Guide to Living Well by Claire Parker and Muir Gray
Lundy Island Through Time by Simon Dell

More book purchases 
The Various Haunts Of Men by Susan Hill

The Pure In Heart by Susan Hill

(Susan Hill was the favourite author of a close friend who died last year. In her memory, have vowed to read all or most of her books)

Preacher Man by L M Krier One of my favourite crime fiction writers writing about my favourite fictional detective Ted Darling. I need to catch up with this series and my other favourites Val McDermid, Ian Rankin & Ann Cleeves, Terry Tyler, Carol Hedges book series (watch this space)

After a busy week at Appledore, I’m off to the North Cornwall Book Festival where I have tickets to see Matt Haig and Sarah Winman. So I bought these two books by them (as you do)

Tin Man by Sarah Winman and Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig.

Fortunately I’m given Amazon tokens for presents 🙂

Review books Kindle editions via Bookouture and NetGalley. I’m trying to bring my ratio on NetGalley down but these were too tempting and I have no will power

Murder Game: Caroline Mitchell

Cold Blood Robert Bryndza

The Surrogate by Louise Jensen

Blog Tour Review Copies (Kindle)

The Girl From The Sugar Plantation by Susan Maas (for Bookouture)

The Language Of Secrets by Ausma Zehanat Khan (for No Exit Press)

Last but not least…(are you still here?)

A review copy arrived today via the author

Five Parks by Ross McGuinness

Thanks so much for my review copies but as from now, unless I’m really tempted, I’m unable to accept any more review copies until next year some time. Also, I’ll fulfill my blog tour spot dates but after December that will be it for now, having a blog tour break while I catch up with this little lot.

To make way for the new haul, I donated some of my now read books to the pop up street library in the bus stop, started by Uncle Wainwright for the Appledore Book Festival