Review quotes

‘A master of the genre’ Stephen King

Crime thriller writing of the highest order’ Guardian
‘The consistency of his excellency is remarkable’ LA Times

‘The greatest living American crime writer’ Mirror
‘A crime writing genius’ Independent on Sunday”

If only a ten star option were available for rating books, this one would deserve such an accolade. This book is going right to the top of my Outstanding Books Of The Year list. I loved, loved, loved this book. His best book yet!

A few years ago, I bought nearly every Harry Bosch book written by Michael Connolly when they were discounted in an Amazon Deal. I devoured them all one after the other. 

Loved them and the flawed character of Harry Bosch. They were fast paced, well written and highly addictive. I’ve also watched the Harry Bosch TV series on Amazon. You could say I’m a fan of Michael Connolly books.
This book by the same author has the central protagonist as a female detective Renée Ballard working the late shift in downtown Los Angeles. The late shift is the most unpopular shift to have in the department and nicknamed The Late Show. Renée has been moved to the unpopular shift because of an accusation made by her about a particular lieutenant and his behaviour towards her. Witnesses to the events, including her former work partner Chastain choose not to testify on her behalf therefore saving their own careers. 
The Late Show shift suits Renée though. Living a near homeless lifestyle, sleeping on Venice beach and paddle boarding during the day with her beloved rescue dog Lola. When needed for official purposes she gives her grandmother’s house as her permanent address where a room is always kept for her by her tiny grandmother.
Renée is working on a few difficult cases and her meticulous, methodical investigations into them are absolutely fascinating. It’s a pure police procedural. If like me, you like knowing how cases are solved and perpetrators brought to justice in a totally believable way then this book is for you. Michael Connolly has meticulously researched every aspect of this well crafted book. I loved the character of Renée and although I enjoyed the Harry Bosch books, much prefer this central character as opposed to the often maverick pHarry. Renée plays it by the book – she has to. Eyes are upon her and a few colleagues are waiting for her to screw up. We could open up a debate about how male detectives can get away with a lot more and women can’t but that’s perhaps for real police professionals to answer.
I can’t praise this book highly enough! I’ve no idea if it’s part of a series with Renée Ballard as the main character (I hope) so obviously it works as a stand alone. 

With huge thanks to the publisher Orion Crime and author via NetGalley for my ARC that I chose to review.

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About The Author

A former police reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Michael Connelly is the author of Harry Bosch thriller series as well as several stand-alone bestsellers, including the highly acclaimed legal thriller, The Lincoln Lawyer, selected for the Richard & Judy Book Club. 

Michael Connelly has been President of the Mystery Writers of America. His books have been translated into 31 languages and have won awards all over the world, including the Edgar and Anthony Awards. BOSCH, the TV series based on Michael’s novels, is the most watched original series on Amazon Prime Instant Video and has just been commissioned for a second series. He lives in Tampa, Florida, with his family.
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