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‘A wicked twist and a killer ending’ Publishers Weekly

Somewhere in Vixenhead, I’m certain the truth lies…
A sudden disappearance…
When Roz Outlaw’s partner Tom mysteriously vanishes, she knows his life is in danger. Tom has been distracted lately, afraid, as though he is being hunted…
A desperate search…
With the police showing little interest Roz knows it falls to her to find Tom. But as Tom’s secrets are uncovered nothing can prepare Roz for the dark lies and twisted truths she finds. She thought she loved Tom, but quickly realises she has been living with a stranger – a man with murder in his past.
A house of evil.
The key to unlocking Tom’s past lies in his childhood home – Vixenhead. A house of wickedness that keeps its secrets well hidden. Can Roz find Tom before it’s too late or will the evil within Vixenhead claim her too…

Huge thanks to Karen Bultiauw for a copy of House of Lies by E.V. Seymour in return for an honest review that I chose to give.

A fast paced, potent psychological thriller that hooked me in and kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end
In this novel are intriguing characters who face difficult life changing decisions and dilemmas that are far from ordinary.

As a reader I tried to imagine how I would cope or react in a similar situation. I felt an anxiety attack coming on even contemplating it! Do we ever really know the people we choose to live with though?

Do we know how we would react, or the lengths we’d go to to protect those we love?
I liked the character of Roz whose taciturn camera shy boyfriend suddenly disappears one day beginning her quest to find out what happened to him and where he is.
The story takes us to North Wales which is somewhere I lived for over thirty years, so it was a pleasure to read about places I was very familiar with, all accurately described by the author. It’s here we meet a decidedly odd, sinister family who own an old Gothic property not far from Conwy called Vixenhead and who we discover are at the centre of most of the mysterious and horrific happenings in this book.
The book takes a turn into quite a chilling gritty chiller towards the last part that had me flicking through the pages quickly to find out what happened next. It was here though that I had to suspend my belief a little bit because it all became a bit too much to swallow and the body count became higher, but then it was never going to end well for some of the characters to put it mildly. Who survives and who doesn’t? 

Immensely readable throughout with a lot of really astute character and human nature observations.

A writer for me to watch out for.

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About The Author

Eve Seymour is the author of nine novels and has had a number of short stories broadcast on BBC Radio Devon. Educated in Malvern at an girls’ boarding school, which she detested, she spectacularly underachieved. Sixth form in Cheltenham proved a lot more interesting, enjoyable and productive.
After a short and successful career in PR in London and Birmingham, she married and disappeared to Devon. Five children later, she returned and began to write seriously. In a bid to make her work as authentic as possible, she has bent the ears of numerous police officers, firearms officers, scenes of crime, the odd lawyer and United Nations personnel. She also works by day as a freelance editorial consultant, specialising in crime fiction.
Eve lives with her second husband and often has a houseful of offspring, sons-in-law, partners, and a growing tribe of little ones. Nomadic by nature, she is planning another move very soon.
You can follow Eve on Twitter @EveSeymour and visit her website. Eve also has a blog and you can find her on Facebook.