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Thoroughly enjoyed this book and devoured it in two sessions. Terry Tyler is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. 
Once more, as in other books written by Terry, the character descriptions are excellent and prove what a true observer of people she is. It’s as if the author develops a real affinity with the characters she writes about. Never judgemental, their stories are presented without prejudice and it’s up to the readers to form opinions of them.
This is a short novella about three aspiring writers, all with different levels of success and scruples who initially meet up online in an author support group North Norfolk Novelists. One becomes hugely successful but doesn’t appear to have any real writing skills. Another has moderate success self-publishing and the third, the most talented writer of them all lives in penury in a grotty basement bedsit struggling to make ends meet. All isn’t as it seems however and when tragedy strikes one of the trio the real story emerges.
A really fascinating glimpse into the world of writing and self-publishing.

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About The Author

Terry Tyler is the author of fourteen books on Amazon, the latest being ‘Tipping Point’, the first book in her new post apocalyptic series. She is proud to be self-published, is an avid reader and book reviewer, and a member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team.
Her next book, ‘Lindisfarne’, the sequel to ‘Tipping Point’, should be available in September 2017. She would love to have a list of fascinating and unusual hobbies to include in her bio, but is too busy writing to do much apart from read and flop in front of Netflix when the document is saved for the day. Terry is a Walking Dead addict, and writes for one of their main fansites. She lives in the north east of England with her husband, and is still trying to learn Geordie.