#Bookreview #GuestReview Julie Haigh reviews Secondhand Scotch: Cathy Curran ‪@2ndHandCathy ‬


Really honoured to have guest reviewer Julie Haigh review Second Hand Scotch by Cathy Curran on my blog today.

Over to Julie


Humour and hard times-a wonderful memoir experience.

This book was absolutely wonderful! It’s not only the author’s story but that of her ancestors too; her grandparents, and her parents, told mostly through the young Cathy’s voice. Such hard beginnings, some very tough times, but what a lot of fun bits to read too! I love how it is written, how the family members would speak and I love the word choices-I’ve certainly learnt plenty of new words reading this book, some great and fun expressions which had me howling with laughter!
The way it was written was a bit different to how I was expecting. Unusual, it reminded me of another memorable book for me, ‘Angela’s Ashes’, where it’s written in the present-‘so she does this, so he says that’ etc. I remember at the time of reading that, it was quite unlike anything I’d read before. I wasn’t expecting this book to be written in a similar way but once I settled into the style I was reading it eagerly.
I love the cover-I like how the author has used one of her personal, family photos. It looks so happy and hopeful, despite so many hard times in the book. It does reflect the careful balance the author has successfully created with regard to the hard times and the humour. More photos can be seen via a link in the book to Cathy’s website. I loved the different foods mentioned: Pierogi, Potato Pancakes, fried-up leftover Spaghetti Bolognese, Sugar Bread……she made it all sound so tasty, I really think she could make an accompanying recipe book with pictures of the foods-and maybe put the link in her book to her website.
There’s so much humour in here, and expressions different to anything I’d heard before. Unforgettable moments of her childhood. Unforgettable characters in her life. Yes, some very hard times, and so many amusing bits too.
It will make you howl with laughter and ‘get you right there’ too. Crying with laughter and moved to tears. A wonderful memoir experience.

Thank you Julie for such a great review

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This wonderful memoir by our Cathy Low Curran is on a countdown deal and is priced at just £1.99/$1.99 for the next seven days.

Here are the links for Cathy’s memoir:

AMAZON UNIVERSAL LINK: smarturl.it/CCSecondhandScotch

AMAZON UK LINK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IM8J2I2 

AMAZON .COM LINK: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IM8J2I2

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  1. I feel so honored to have my book reviewed here at Mrs. Bloggs Books, and of all the memoirs you could’ve chosen, Julie, you picked mine! Wow, ten times fast! I’m floating on a cloud. A million thanks! Xoxo, Cathy

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  2. I absolutely loved this book. I don’t usually read this kind of memoir as I generally prefer travel/life in another country memoirs, but this was just brilliant. It’s history, it’s personal, it’s vibrant, it’s tragic and funny and shocking too. Just wonderful. So glad to see it reviewed here!


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