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People frequently take extra work home at end of their day; however, I doubt many take the 21-gram soul of a young woman.

Following another fatal road accident, fire-fighter Steve Moran must now deal with the unexpected aftermath. Isobel is a dark and disturbing tale, that brings together the deceased casualty, the fire-fighter who extricated her impaled body from the wreckage on that sunny August day in 2010, and a malevolent spirit of a young soldier killed in 1944; that seeks retribution for his untimely death. Their sad union, and those of several others, all orchestrated by the Ferryman himself.

My Review

It’s been a while since I read any type of ghost story or anything of a paranormal nature. Back in my younger days when I enjoyed being scared witless, I read a lot of of books about such things. This book is way outside my comfort zone these days but once I started reading it I couldn’t stop and was quickly drawn into the story.

Written by a retired firefighter it’s a mixture of fiction taken from fact. Gory and grisly at times because it contains details of ‘shouts’ attended by fire service personnel who are often called upon to not just fight fires but also deal with the tragic aftermath of road traffic collisions.

The protagonist in the story is an experienced firefighter who is not only haunted by PTSD with illusory and olfactory visions and smells but also appears to be really possessed by a historical ghost that manifests itself in a lot of very scary scenarios.

For a first time novel, the writing is excellent and the tale is gripping.

The book is sold in aid of a Firefighters charity, the RSPCA and Perthes association

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  1. Hi and thank you for the wonderful review. I’m so pleased that you like my first novel and that even as a fictional story, it appears to have accurately portrayed the harrowing incidents that all emergency personnel frequently attend. Thanks again!


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