'Twisty and gripping' Erin Kelly

'I loved it' Rachel Abbott

'An incredible debut' Hollie Overton"

The subject of bullying is making headline news at the moment. Online bullying is at a peak. All forms of bullying are nasty, insidious and can have long term lasting effects on victims of bullying. Those that survive that is.
Friend Request deals with different aspects of bullying both online and off with a former bully Louise Williams as the main protagonist and narrator. Louise is contacted by Maria, an old victim of hers via Facebook. Impossible because Maria is dead, or is she?
The hunter becomes the hunted in this chilling game of cat and mouse.
Who will win in the end?

Great concept and a unique plot. I was immediately drawn into this book and it held my interest throughout, however I did find some of the chapters a bit lengthy, particularly the last one and felt that it could have benefited by a good edit but that could have been me anxious to find out what happened in the end because I galloped through this chilling psychological twister and couldn't put it down.

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