Really pleased to have Book Blogger Nicola from Short Book & Scribes on my blog today choosing her favourite five books and the next five she may read from her TBR pile. Thanks Nicola and over to you.

Five Favourite Books


A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford

I’ve chosen this one because it’s one I remember from my childhood. It was very prominent at that time, I loved reading it and I watched the mini-series and was completely enthralled with the life of Emma Harte, particularly when she became a shopkeeper. It’s one I would love to reread at some point.

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Star Gazing by Linda Gillard

This is one of very very few books I have read twice. It’s the most lovely story of a blind woman who meets a man who takes her to the Isle of Skye. I went on holiday to Skye purely because of this book.

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The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessey by Rachel Joyce
I enjoyed Harold Fry but this was on another level for me. It’s not often that passages from books really stay with me but there’s one from this book that I can still remember and it was just so moving.


Never Look Back by Lesley Pearse

Lesley Pearse is one of my all time favourite writers and Never Look Back is an absolute epic of a read. It was a bit different to the ones that had come before but I was swept away by it.

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Dancing in the Dark by Maureen Lee

Another of my all time favourite writers and one I know I can go to for a really good saga. This book was the first of hers that I read and it’s a dual time line story which I find hard to resist.

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The Next Five Books I’m Planning to Read

The Fatal Coin by Lucienne Boyce

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The Thousand Lights Hotel by Emylia Hall

 An Act of Silence by Colette Mcbeth”

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Before You Were Mine by Em Muslin
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The Other Twin by Lucy V Hay

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I’m Nicola and I’m very nearly 42. I work as a part time Church Administrator and live in Sheffield with my partner and our little boy, Daniel, who is almost three. I am obviously a big reader but I also play the piano and I love singing. I’ve also just got myself a piano accordion so am enjoying learning how to play it.

Thanks Nicola for dropping by. Some interesting choices there. Some are on my TBR pile too.