Publication date: 1 Dec 2016

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

Number one on my 20 Books Of Summer list Here

Oh how I loved this book. This will most definitely be on my Outstanding Books of The Year list.

A fast paced, thrill a minute, edge-of-the-seat glimpse into the world of a female Close Protection Officer.

I had to read this in short bursts because reading it sent me into fright or flight mode with adrenaline levels so high, I thought a heart attack might be imminent!
Not for the faint hearted or those with an aversion to reading about women in dangerous situations who know how to fight their way out of trouble and are more than capable of getting the upper hand in violent confrontations.

The protagonist Samantha (Sam) Rae Wylde is a former army medic with service in Afghanistan. There are occasional flashbacks to that time which add to Samantha’s back story and we find out more about her life and how she became a PPO, although I suspect there is much more to learn about this character and we will in subsequent series (can’t wait!)

With a personal tragedy behind her and a young teenage daughter to care for, Samantha becomes employed by a rich Asian family who might have links to some dangerous groups. 

With plots, counter-plots and characters who aren’t all they seem the story moves very swiftly from one dilemma to another with Sam right at the centre of it all.
I loved Sam’s humour, and wry observational style throughout and bits of the witty remarks and come-backs made me laugh out loud at times. 

I hated the author though for leaving some unfinished business at the end of this book but it makes me look forward to the next in the series, so that I can be scared out of my wits again!

Not long to wait because I have just found out that the second book is out on 6th July 2017! Have pre-ordered.

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