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Today on the blog one of my guest reviewers Rebecca Hislop reviews Daughter Disappeared by Fiona Macbain. Over to Rebecca.
This book was described as an ‘emotional roller coaster’ and that’s exactly what it was. I was given the book as a gift and what a great gift it turned out to be, I must say when I started reading it I was absolutely hooked from the first page.

The story begins in 2013 when Jane finds a note from her daughter stating that she has gone to Tunisia to try and meet her dad and to discover what happened to her aunt. Jane is utterly shocked at this turn of events and she is consumed by fear and dread for Anna’s safety.

Events then switch back to 1994 when Jane has first arrived in Tunisia with the hope of finding her sister Crystal who had married a Tunisian Hotel Manager called Waheed Habba. She finds herself drawn into a very perilous situation and has to help her sister escape from a brutal marriage. Fiona MacBain perfectly captures the way of life and culture there and shows the way in which Western women are perceived. It is quite disturbing and very dramatic in parts and certainly kept me engrossed.

It is a story with many plot twists and dramatic turns which kept me on edge, and at times frightened for the lives of the three women. The story moves effortlessly between the past in 1994 and the present time with the mystery and danger surrounding Jane’s sister being revealed. Years later Jane faces a frantic search to find her daughter Anna and to save her from the same people Jane had escaped from in the past. It’s fast paced and thrilling with a complete twist at the end. I hope to read more from this author very soon. What a debut.

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About The Author

Fiona grew up in Fort William, graduated from Edinburgh University, then worked in London as a Recruitment Consultant before moving to Tunisia where she ran a watersports base near Sousse with her local husband (more about that at She returned to the UK with her 6-month old daughter in 1999 and has since worked as a Customer Services Trainer, a French Tutor and an Administrator, writing in her spare time, usually at 5am. She now lives in Inverness with her two younger children. 



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