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As in the first book written by David Videcette, The Theseus Paradox, I felt as though I was reading about matters that I shouldn’t really be reading about or party too. Should I have signed the Official Secrets Act, sworn my allegiance to someone or signed my name in blood somewhere. Did I need to look over my shoulder when out and about because I had this book in my possession? This isn’t the thrill a minute sensational book that was The Theseus Paradox, it’s a much more powerful read. A very compelling, edge of the seat powerful read. Packed with knowledge and insights into events of which most of us only have a very superficial knowledge via a flawed mainstream media. Corruption and shady arms dealing at the highest government level.
Once more knowing the background of David Videcette one wonders, just as the author wants us to, what is real and what isn’t. Reading the appendix at the back though is chilling stuff and made me feel distinctly uneasy and realise how close to the truth this book actually is.

DI Jake Flanagan is once more the investigating officer into the cases in this fiction taken from fact book and although he is toned down slightly, is having counselling and seems to be on a journey to use the now popular but hackneyed phrase, he is still slightly renegade taking matters in his own hands or maybe using his initiative is another way of looking at it. Still plagued by PTSD and reliving flashbacks to terrible events he’s witnessed he has the occasional lapse back into heavy drinking and bad boy behaviour that we read about in The Theseus Paradox. 

Claire, his one/off girlfriend confides aspects of her past to Jake that he finds unpalatable and is dragged into investigating but somehow leads into events he is currently investigating. Perhaps this was a little bit too co-incidental but co-incidences happen in real life too and we’ll forgive the author a little bit of artistic license since it all adds to the tension in the book and eventually leads Jake into making what might be one of the most difficult decisions of his life and career.
A hold your breath nerve-wracking read at times and having read it I won’t be sleeping any easier in my bed. This has been an outstanding series so far

Can’t wait for the next one though!

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way!

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