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My Thoughts and Review

This book Angling Bumateurs is the 5th book in the Sell The Pig trilogy (yes I know).

As a rabid Francophile, I’ve enjoyed reading the previous books in this series very much and finished this one shortly before a French holiday. I’ve found the authors life in France really interesting and the books are well written. In the first book Tottie brings her elderly mother over to live in France believing and finding that the health care in France is so much better. The house they live in was nicknamed The Pink House and Tottie’s alcoholic brother also moved over from the UK to live with them.

In the subsequent books, after her mother’s death, Tottie moves to another part of France and buys her own place, referred to by her as ‘The Grottage’. Her brother stayed in The Pink House.

This book chronicles a difficult time in the author’s life when her brother sadly dies.

As his executor and sole heir, Tottie is left with an administrative and domestic nightmare, clearing the house – always a difficult task for the bereaved but more so in this case. There is also a minefield of red tape and paperwork to be sorted out by the kind of professionals who would have been referred to as ‘Angling Bumateurs’ by Tottie’s late brother, hence the title.

As in the previous books, this one is full of snippets about the author’s life in the beautiful Auvergne region and written with her usual ‘waspish’ sense of self-effacing humour. A hard book to write I would imagine, and at times a sad one to read. Tottie also writes crime fiction novels under the name of L M Krier and it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of her novels and the fictional detective featured in them Ted Darling. Highly recommended

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About the author

Retired journalist, freelance copywriter and copy editor Lesley Tither writes under various pen names for different genres. Already well known for travel memoirs as Tottie Limejuice, Lesley also writes crime fiction under the name L. M. Krier.
“Sell the Pig” is the first in a series of travel memoirs describing how Lesley, writing as Tottie Limejuice, decided to make the move from the UK to France to start a new life, taking with her an 89-year-old mother suffering from vascular dementia.The story continues in two further books, ‘Is That Billinge Lump?’ and ‘Mother, Was It Worth It?’

Book IV in the series, Biff The Useless Mention was released in 2016. Book V is Angling Bumateurs 
Lesley’s first crime thriller, writing as L M Krier, ‘Baby’s Got Blue Eyes’, was published in February 2015, followed by ‘Two Little Boys’ in June 2015. Book III in the DI Ted Darling series.
There are now six books out in the best-selling DI Ted Darling crime fiction series, with a seventh due for release early in 2017: Baby’s Got Blue Eyes, Two Little Boys, When I’m Old and Grey, Shut Up and Drive, Only the Lonely, and Wild Thing.

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Lesley also writes under the collective pen name of Jilli Lime-Holt, together with authors Jill Pennington and Janet Holt. Their first joint book, Take Three Birds, was published in December 2014.
Lesley is a former journalist, working as both a criminal court and coroner’s court reporter. She also worked as a case tracker for the Crown Prosecution Service, and for a firm investigating irregularities in offshore finance. Her other jobs have included owning and running a holiday riding centre and acting as a ‘charity mugger’, lying in wait to sign up shoppers for a wildlife charity.
Lesley’s interests centre around nature and wildlife and encompass dogs, wild camping and organic gardening. She lives in the Auvergne region of Central France and holds dual French/British nationality. Her current dogs are two rescued border collies.
Want to chat with Lesley? You’ll find a Tottie Limejuice Chat Group on Facebook, with lots of photos of the Auvergne.

An author blog interview I did with L M Krier a while ago.

Interview L M Krier

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