I was nominated by the lovely Valerie Poore  to answer rapid fire book tag questions. Ooh err, here goes.

eBooks or physical books? 

Both. I love physical books but use a kindle a lot because my hands don’t work properly any more. Ebooks are easier
Paperback or hardback?

Paperbacks, although I have bought hardbacks written by a favourite author if eagerly awaiting their latest book.
Online or in-store shopping? 

I buy most of my books online but can’t resist going into a bookshop. 


Heroes or villains?

Either as long as they have a good side (I know, I know but it’s fiction innit)
A book you want everyone to read

Watery Ways: Valerie Poore. I keep going on and on about this book but it is just a lovely read about a woman doing up an old canal boat in a historic harbour in Holland singlehanded and making it into a home.

There are more lovely books in the series and I’m saving the recent one Faring Into France for my upcoming trip to France.

Another book you want everyone to read (cheating I know but it’s my blog)

The whole series of Fat Dogs and French Estates are so funny. Loved them all.

Recommend an under rated book

Kevin and I in India: Frank Kusy

Such a funny book about two young men and their travels and adventures through India. Other books in the series by Frank Kusy also recommended.
Weirdest thing you used as a book mark

I cut up old birthday cards and use those.

Used books, yes or no

Yes, but I wipe the covers down with antiseptic wipes 🙂 No, I don’t have OCD I’m just a bit germ phobic 😉
Top three favourite genres 

Crime fiction , memoir, history 
The last book you finished 

The Magdalen Girls

Characters or plot

Characters. I love back stories and what makes people tick. I’m a real people watcher (very nosy)
Short or long book

Long or short chapters

Name the first three books you think of

Pride and Prejudice, On Writing: Steven King, Coffin Road: Peter May – all three are in front of me on the bookshelf

Books that make you laugh or cry

Our world or fictional worlds? 

Our world. Can’t cope with too much fantasy or dystopian. 

Do you ever judge a book by its cover? 

Yes, afraid so and some with poor covers have turned out to be good books and vice versa


Book to movie or book to TV adaptation? 

Either, but if I’ve read the book I tend to avoid the adaptation.
Series or standalone? 

Series because I often really like the characters and want to read more books featuring them.

 I’m tagging Kate The Quiet Knitter, Mairead Hearne Swirl and Thread and Carol Hedges and Beth Haslam