Oh I felt really sad when I came to the end of this book of short stories from Jo Jo Moyes.

I enjoyed reading every single one of them.
There seems to be a central theme to them all. The main characters going out of their comfort zone to try something different, taking a chance, a challenge and doing unexpected things with no predictable outcomes.
One of the stories jumps between time periods in Paris and we read about two different women in similar situations bonded somehow by the behaviour of each of the respective husbands on their honeymoons. 
As a cynical old granny, I don’t read much romantic fiction these days. After devouring so many in my thirties, I’m now fed up to the back teeth reading about starry eyed beautiful women, and impossibly happy endings. I make an exception with a few favourite authors whose books are categorised in the ‘Romance’ genre but whose characters are more realistic and down to earth. Jojo Moyes is one of them. There’s grit and humour, flawed characters and endings in her books that take the reader by surprise. They’re neither formulaic or predictable.
For each of the stories, I could quite happily have carried on reading a whole book about each character – not many writers can do this.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my review copy.

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