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The true story of two people who tried and failed to destroy each other. And fell in love. Again.

“A memoir about a troubled marriage formed on reckless indulgence being rebuilt offers a fascinating narrative arc. Like all good biographies, ‘The Reckless Years’ is as engaging and dramatic as fiction.” ~ Harper Collins

When Frank’s mother dies on his wedding day, his life spirals into a hopeless existence of drink, drugs, and depression. How will his marriage with his new bride Madge survive?

My thoughts and review

Frank Kusy is one of my favourite authors. I’ve enjoyed reading every single one of his books and this is no exception. He is such a good writer and has an excellent fine tuned sense of humour. I’m sure he was born funny (In a good way)

Frank is always painfully honest in his travel adventures to India memoirs – he didn’t always make the best of life choices but he does include his freely admitted mistakes in his books when he could quite easily have painted himself as the hero of every anecdote and crazy situation. Oddly enough, he sometimes has reviews posted by outraged readers who berate him for the mistakes he made IN HIS YOUTH! Not perhaps grasping the concept that memoirs are books written about events that happened in the past – memories. Past events. Historic happenings….
Oh boy, those same outraged citizens of the Amazon Review World are going to have a field day with this one because it is an absolutely explosive corker of a book!
In this book, the sixth in his memoir series, we read that his beloved mother died on his wedding day. After this Frank was lost for a few years, absolutely consumed by grief and spiralling into a depressive half-life fuelled by substances that let’s just say were not conducive to a healthy body and mind. This book chronicles those lost years and at times is a very hard read. Frank’s relationship with his new wife suffers and they embark on a strange mutually destructive period in their lives. We also hear from Frank’s wife, who gives her version of events in the same brutally honest way. A refreshing change from hearing only one side of such a turbulent relationship.

All I can say is that it’s a wonder that either of them survived. Thank goodness they did and they are still together. Their love somehow survived.

Hang on to your hats reading this one. You’re in for a very bumpy but impossible to put down read.

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About the author 

Born and raised in the fog-shrouded streets of 1960s London, and with more than 30 years of travel writing experience under his belt, aspiring Buddhist and incorrigible cat-lover Frank Kusy is a SUNDAY TRIBUNE RECOMMENDED AUTHOR and a four-time Gold Medal Winner on the Harper Collins Authonomy site. He has been awarded the AIA Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence for his flagship book ‘Rupee Millionaires’, and has been a featured author on several promotional sites, including BookBub, Pixel of Ink, Indie Book Bargains and FreeBooksy. His books have received international press acclaim, and have made the Kindle Top 100 List several times, his first published book, ‘Kevin and I in India’, climbing as high as #5. In April 2015 his children’s book ‘Ginger the Gangster Cat’ won a Gold medal on the prestigious Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards for 6 to 8 year olds, though this and the sequel ‘Ginger the Buddha Cat’ appeal as much to adults as to children.