My thoughts:

Cellular memory is a very interesting theory. I’ve read a few anecdotal accounts over the years from donor recipients who have discovered post-surgery that they have skills and talents they didn’t have before receiving the donor organ. The author Louise Jensen in The Gift takes this to another level and weaves a very convincing tale of the female recipient of a donor heart Jenna experiencing disturbing memories of the murder of the young woman Callie whose transplanted heart she had received. Callie was believed to have been killed in a car accident with no foul play suspected, so Jenna is on her own with her theories and memories. There is no-one she can tell while trying to discover if anyone else was involved in Callie’s death.
I was gripped throughout by this fascinating read as Jenna tries to unravel the mystery she is convinced is there despite the fact that she is still going through the gruelling recovery period of a transplant. The memories she believes are Callies won’t let her rest as her actions lead her into danger and intrigue.
This is certainly a well written psychological thriller that held my interest throughout, although I felt that the closing stages leading to the denouement could have been a tad shorter, but that could have been me anxious to find out what had happened and who was responsible.

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