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Thank goodness for books and thank goodness for this particular book which was so absorbing that reading it at any spare moment helped me to cope with a stressful house move (is there any other kind?)

A deliciously dark Victorian gothic mystery, with scenes set amidst the swirling miasma of London’s foggy nighttime streets in the 1860’s, where all is not as it should be and something very nasty is afoot. So scarily atmospheric that it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end at times. 

Josephine King, the main character, was ensconced in the Bertha Helstone Institute for Orphaned Clergy Daughters until her wealthy Uncle Herbert King found her and brought her home to live with him. After his horrific murder Josephine discovers that she has inherited a considerable sum of money and some mysterious precious stones. Another recipient of a precious gem is a former prostitute. 

Then the plot thickens and thickens until the surprising revelations at the end.

A really enjoyable read and I love the way Carol writes using the present tense with flashes of humour and a touch of quirkiness – my kind of writer!

Have downloaded the other books in the series.

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