This was the final book in my Denzil Meyrick series book binge.

I’ve enjoyed the series book binge so much that I’m definitely going to do it again on my blog with other Crime Fiction series.

I’m in the middle of selling/packing/moving house, and this gripping series certainly took my mind off all the associated stress.
My thoughts:
My God, where do I begin! This book was the best in the series in my opinion. A real rollercoaster of a read. After all the drama of his last case, and with the arrival of his new baby son, DCI Daley has decided to leave the police force and is working his notice. While hoping for a quiet last few weeks in Kinloch working for Police Scotland, fate has other plans for him and he soon finds himself in the middle of what must be the most dramatic, nerve wracking and testing case of his career.

All of the action centres around the Shannon family, now very wealthy owners of a large mansion house built on land their ancestors had apparently cheated someone out of a century before and who cursed the family for ever more.

The mysterious disappearance of a young Shannon boy that happened decades before casts a shadow over the whole family and the events in their lives. The Shannons now own a very successful global company and they decide to hold the AGM at the old mansion – big mistake! Gruesome murders are happening around them and one of their guests is a victim. The body count starts to creep up. We meet Superintendant Symington, a very capable and likeable new character in the series.

The whole area has an unusually heavy snowfall, power lines are down, roads impassable and that part of Scotland is cut off from the rest leaving the Superintendent, DCI Daley, DS Brian Scott and a small amount of police constables from the local force left to investigate the case and try to protect the Shannon family and remaining guests from whoever is doing all the killing.
As in the other books in the series alongside the dramatic events there are flashes of humour that made me laugh out loud.

As usual too, much to his disgust, DS Scott ends up in a boat again. In this book he is trying to stay sober but when he starts to see things and experience strange visions believes he has the dreaded DT’s, so tells no-one.

I liked the glimpses of the supernatural throughout the book, a theme that Denzil Meyrick explores in the other books in the series – ‘there are more things in heaven and earth…’ In that very spiritual, mysterious part of Scotland, rich in history, heritage, myth and legend it all seems entirely believable.
I really like the way Denzil Meyrick weaves the stories, myths and legends into the narrative all adding to the suspense and making it all very interesting in the process. We have Druids, rituals, curses, jealousy and revenge and then the final part that was such a surprise I hadn’t anticipated any of it. I must be losing my touch, or crime-writing is getting better!
I can’t wait for the next book in the series now Well of The Winds
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