My Thoughts

Well Denzil Meyrick certainly knows how to write a crime thriller and keep the tension up throughout an entire book!

This is the third book in the series and the second read in my Series Book Binge Week following the entire DCI Daley series.
Once more we’re back in the small wee toon of Kinloch where it’s all kicking off again and DCI Daley is investigating a series of grisly murders. His old friend and colleague DS Scott, who was severely wounded in the previous book, is back and helping out in a supposedly light duties, office based role. Clearly suffering from PTSD and slipping into alcoholism, DS Scott soon finds himself once more taking an active role in the case because manpower is short and his friend Jim Daley needs him. In his own words on finding himself reluctantly back in the forefront of serious crime investigation in Kinloch.

“I can always be sure o’ a few things when I’m doon here: I’ll drink too much whisky, an’ some bastard will try tae hit me o’er the heid, shoot me, or get me on a fucking boat.”


There are a pair of Eastern European assassins targeting individuals in and around Kinloch, but why is the mystery that DCI Daley and his team have to work out but who can he trust? His private life is also in turmoil and giving him a lot of grief and anguish.
Meanwhile, there are all sorts of plots, government shenanigans, political  intrigue and secrets and lies all bubbling up around the main story and all connected in some way.

Interspersed with all of the above are interesting historical snippets, mysterious lights in the sky and the usual wonderful descriptions from the author of the surroundings and locations around Kintyre.
Throughout the book are glimpses of the events of the Balkans war of 1991-1999 and the terrible atrocities and aftermath of that awful time, all described very sensitively by the author.
Once more a very gripping action-packed read, I’m now part way into the fourth book in the series: Rat Stone Serenade.
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