New feature coming soon to my blog – **SERIES BOOK BINGE WEEK**

At one time if I really enjoyed a book in a crime fiction series, or any series,  I would have to go on to read every book in that particular series. Then eagerly await the publication of the new one in the series from the same author. It was hell waiting for the paperback edition, so I’d quite often cave in and buy the hardback book as soon as it came out. These days I love finding a new crime fiction series that I haven’t read, particularly if they’re out on kindle and on offer. However, I’ve recently got into a terrible habit of reading one book from an author I really like, then saying “I must read more from this author” then going on to do the same thing again with other author/series. I’ve become a very fickle book flitter. To redress this balance and bring some kind of order and sanity to my reading, I’ve decided to introduce ‘Binge Week’ features where I stick to one author and read their whole series over the course of a week or maybe two.

First up is Denzil Meyrick. I now have all his books on my kindle waiting to be read. I really enjoyed the first book in the series Whisky From Small Glasses (available to purchase Here) so I’m looking forward to reading the whole series.

Much going on in my life, so may not be online blogging or sharing very much in the next few weeks. In the middle of selling/moving house and daughter is about to have a baby (maybe today!) so I need a good series or two for the quiet moments.