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This book will be on my list of best Crime Fiction from 2016. It’s simply outstanding.

Do any of us really know the people in our lives, or what they’re capable of?
I was hooked from the very first chapter of this book and couldn’t stop reading. In fact I had a sleepless night because I couldn’t put it down!

There is a serial killer on the loose. This isn’t a police procedural though and we hear very little about the detectives investigating the case, nor do we need to because the nerve jangling tension of the narrative gradually unfolds just fine, as we read on in this absolutely compelling and absorbing read.
The story is told from the perspective of five different people who suspect that someone close to them might be the killer. The young teenager who suspects her stepfather, an abused wife whose secretive, violent, shady husband fits the description, a woman working for a local newspaper who thinks the photofit image of the suspect matches a colleague who spurned her, a young man who is finding the behaviour of an old friend increasingly distasteful and a devoted mother who discovers that her middle aged live-in son is keeping secrets from her.
Each character has chapters of their own, then it’s onto the next and so on, then back to each character again to anxiously follow their individual stories as their lives carry on and suspicions grow.
I really didn’t guess who the perpetrator was and there is a shocking twist at the end.
What I also liked about the book was that the story of each person carries on after the denouement and the killer is behind bars, so we find out what happens to them all, with some surprising outcomes.

I’m surprised the author is an Indie (by choice though), although I shouldn’t be, because I’ve read some excellent books by Indie authors and this is one more to add to that tally.

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